4rmorris Thu, 07/24/2008 - 18:03
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Really depends... is this for a data centre or a branch office? Do you have big time HA requirements? Are the sets of hubs in riser closets for access?

There's lots of options... if you can provide some more detail on the scenario it will help.


vineesh.viswanath Thu, 07/24/2008 - 22:24
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This is in the Central Officer

Hubs are service access layer , which is connected to a 3com 3300 switch , from all 5 blocks , it terminate to the DC.

in the DC we have 4 rack of 3 com with similar setup , and a 6513 with vpn card .

This acts as the the WAN connection to 10 major End points .

I could narrow down my question as , is that good going for 3750 or 3650 , cus i have heard that we can do more on 3560 compared to 3750 .

total no of nodes in CO is about 2000 .

4rmorris Fri, 07/25/2008 - 04:54
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Since you have pods of 10 24 port hubs right now, I'd lean towards stacks of 48 port 3750s. Once they're stacked, you would have only 10 points to manage. I don't see any major discrepancies in features between a 48 port 3750 and a 48 port 3560.

Either way, if you're planning to do PoE, make sure the model you get supports power on most ports. The 3560-E model supports PoE on all 48 ports, but the old 3560 doesn't. You'd have to check the docs for similar stats on 3750s.

I'm personally fond of the 4506 for high density riser closet applications, but it does require higher voltage/amps power if you're doing PoE.

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