Jaime Valencia Tue, 07/29/2008 - 07:24

yes, on one you will select it will be the publisher and on the other one that it will be a subscriber =) it will prompt you for that



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ricardorojas123 Tue, 07/29/2008 - 07:48

OK, thanks.

The procedure is the following:

Install the Publisher Server.

Upload the Licence of the Publisher Server in the Publisher Server.

Upload the License of the Subscriber Server in the Publisher Server.

Add the server Subscriber to server Publisher.

Install the Subscriber Service.

that's is ok?

Jaime Valencia Tue, 07/29/2008 - 07:55

PLEASE, always mention what version you're talking about.

and no, that's no OK.

if you mention license i understand this is 5.x or 6.x, you only upload license files to license server, usually PUB. if you have license files with different MACs that won't work.

add the server to system -> servers before you install the SUB

this is all covered under the install guides, have you gone thru them???



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Ayodeji Okanlawon Tue, 07/29/2008 - 08:28


Take some time to read the installation guides and any other required documentation.

You are a fine engineer, so be proactive and diligent!

ricardorojas123 Thu, 07/31/2008 - 05:51

I installed the cluster of CMM as follows:

Install the Publisher server.

Install the licence file in the Publisher Server.

Enable the service in the Publisher server.

Add a new server in the Publisher. (This server is the Subsbriber).

Install the Subscriber Server not as the main node of the CCM.

Enable the service in the Subscriber server.

Then in the Publisher Server go to Cisco Unified CM Group Configuration, and add the subscriber server in the Selected Cisco Unified Communications Managers.


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