Unity Failover Logs

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Tray Stoutmeyer Thu, 07/31/2008 - 07:18

Look on the failover server application log and there should be something regarding this...

A call came in on x port, Unity is configured to failover in this case blah blah.

That should be the call that caused the failover. There has to be something in those logs.


Thanks. I do see it.

Why would an inactive server receive a call? could it happen when all ports are in use, I have 48 ports on the active server and it rarely gets used up.

Event Type: Warning

Event Source: CiscoUnity_Miu

Event Category: Warning

Event ID: 586

Date: 7/18/2008

Time: 1:54:59 AM

User: N/A

Computer: UNITY


Port 1 has detected an incoming call. This system is in inactive mode and is configured to fail over in this condition. Fail over to this system will occur, and the call will be answered.

For more information, click: http://www.CiscoUnitySupport.com/find.php


Tray Stoutmeyer Thu, 07/31/2008 - 08:00

Port 1 typically means a normal failover but it's still worth investigation. If a call comes in on an odd port like something beyond the first few, I would check your Calling Search Space and Partitions on callmanager and make sure no phones have access to the voice port phone numbers for dialing. Sometimes people don't do this and someone fat fingers an internal extension that dials a port on the secondary and triggers failover. Yours looks like it either hit RNA or NA on the primary and went direct to the failover. Again, this is assumption without proper logs. If you have the right logs enabled to investigate this, open a TAC case. If this is occuring often, again, open a TAC case so appropriate logs can be enabled for next failure and gathered after for analysis.




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