No dial-tone provided in two-stage dialing scenario

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Aug 2nd, 2008

A customer has asked me to setup toll-bypass with no authentication. For some reason when the call is sent to the outgoing pots dial-peer, its sends call out PRI instead of presented dial-tone and allowing caller to enter desired digits.

Called number 0402222 comes in over the wan to gateway and matches below incoming voip dial-peer

dial-peer voice 20 voip


incoming called-number .

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

no vad


And it matches outgoing POTS dial-peer below

dial-peer voice 10 pots

destination-pattern 0402222

port 0/0/0:23

Debug ISDN q932 reveals calls is sent to telco (no called number obviosly) and call fails. What I want is when it hits this outgoing dial-peer, dial-tone is presented to caller and they can enter digits and then be sent out PRI.

Any ideas on what can be wrong? Why call is sent out PRI instead of dialtone?

Thanks in advance,

I have this problem too.
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UCcomp2007 Sat, 08/02/2008 - 05:58

Has Cisco remove the security hole so now even if you don't have direct-inward-dial statement on POTS dial-peer, you can't get secondary dial-tone?

Marwan ALshawi Sun, 08/03/2008 - 02:04

try to add another dial-peer in addition to what u have

dial-peer voice 11 pots

incoming called-number .


port 0/0/0:23

OR do the fowlloing

dial-peer voice 12 pots

answer-address .T

port 0/0/0:23


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