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Aug 4th, 2008

I have passed the BSCI test, and am now starting my studying on the BCMSN test. I have purchased a Cisco Airnote 1100 WAP to study with for the wireless stuff. Is there anything else I should use (hardware or software)?


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JORGE RODRIGUEZ Sun, 08/10/2008 - 18:49

You can use some additional resources in cisco learning network. Check bellow link, click on specific bsmsn doc, e.i configuring Wireless LANs etc.., you may open an account to learn the interactive bcmsn presentation. Link covers wireless study topics for bcmsn exam.

Cisco learning network




motorbikemanual Wed, 08/13/2008 - 03:57

Having just completed the BCMSN exam recently I can say you don't need a lot of hardware in order to learn the theory. I seriously doubt you will be asked to config any wireless stuff, maybe just a few general questions which you can pick up from Ciscopress books.

I'm about to start studying for the BSCI, what study materials did you use? Any specific approach on how you studied?

Tim Kerr Wed, 08/13/2008 - 12:42

Thanks for your reply. While I understand that each test is different, and the level of wireless questions you recieved may be different than what I receive, it still gives me an idea. As for the BSCI. I work with EIGRP and multicast every day, and so that covered most of that studying. I also attended the Global Knowledge BSCI class (although that was 7 months bfr I took the test). So I had the study material from that class, which helped a lot (the books go into a lot more depth than the Ciscopress books). The Ciscopress books were my last study source. They were helpful as well. If you do not have a lab, then I would recommend downloading GNS3 (or dynagen/dynamips). What a wonderful tool!! It is a router simulator. And unlike other simulators, it does not use s dummied down version of the IOS. You yourself have to download the IOS and point GNS3 to where it is downloaded to. I had GNS3 setup with 8 3725 routers, and used that setup to practice BGP, OSPF, ISIS, IPv6, and route manipulation.

I will say that the BSCI test was the hardest I had ever taken. I barely squeeked by. That was due to the high number of IPv6 quetsions I got. It was an almost disprapportionate (sp?) number. From what I have read though, that is not the norm. Good luck on BSCI, and congrats on BCMSN!


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