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Aug 4th, 2008

I have configured some translation rules that are supposed to translate the outbound caller ID of my FAX as one particular number and all other phones/extensions as another. The rules look like this:


voice translation-rule 110

rule 1 /280/ /4085552222/ desired caller id of FAX 1

rule 2 /281/ /4085553333/ desired caller id of FAX 2

rule 3 /.+/ /4085551111/ all others use main # for caller id


voice translation-profile EXT2PSTN

translate calling 110


When my phones call out they show the correct number in the caller ID. However when the FAXes call out (FAXes are ext 280 and 281) they also show the main number of 4085551111. The rule looks OK so it must be where I am inserting the translation commands. Currenty I use "translation-profile outgoing EXT2PSTN" on the DNs that match outbound PSTN calls.

Any ideas?



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