IPCC Enterprise 7.0 Cisco IP-IVR 4.0 Speech recognition

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I'm a bit rusty on this as I do CVP these days. More knowledgeable posters may chime in here.

In the older versions of CRS, Cisco licenced Nuance or ScanSoft software - it ran on the CRS box. Then when ScanSoft bought Nuance (but decided to use the Nuance name going forward), there was just Nuance.

Then Cisco leveraged the MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol) from CVP into CRS and now they could support other speech vendors - as they do for CVP.



roman3mcisco Thu, 03/26/2009 - 00:16
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Guys, appreciate any other commnents on this topic as I will be loking to learn what is related to VXML, GRXML and its integration to CRS 4.5... Is there anyone out there with knowledge on this? Probably just a flow on how does this work or so...

Thanks very much

villarrealed Thu, 03/26/2009 - 07:00
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Since IPIVR 4.0, Cisco has used the MRCP protocol to communicate with speech rec and TTS engines. The Speech Rec server will need to be separate from the IPIVR server and you will need to purchase the licensing through a Nuance vendor. There are differnet levels of licensing also, simple and complex depending on your speech rec needs. Your Nuance vendor will help you scope this out. Here is a document which outlines the configuration needed on the speech rec server to integrate with IPIVR.


If you are familiar with CRS scripting, then simple grammars are fairly easy to create. From experience with the Nuance speech rec engine, I know that it does support the GRXML grammars. These are created in the CRS script and passed to the Nuance server at runtime. You can use the built VXML and use the built in voice browser within the CRS scripting, but IPIVR does not fully comply with the VXML 2.0 standard.

roman3mcisco Thu, 03/26/2009 - 15:30
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Thanks very much for the information, appreciated. Do not why I couldn't find it in first place...


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