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A study strategy will depend on an individual current skill level and confidence. Basically the best skill-confidence booster is the actual work exposure, meaning the "OJT" On-the-Job training.

However, to prepare on the CCIE Lab, there should be some strategy (I believed) brush-up of skills approached. Here are my list:

-Books Reading (,, etc.)

-Cisco DOC CD. , White papers etc.

-VOD's (CBT nuggets, TrainSignal, NMC, IPExpert, IE etc.) Video on demand instead of TV show.

-Audio Books (can be use during on travel)

-Dynamips ( a total control of a virtual network.

-Actual Lab Setup (Costly but recommended if you can afford)

-Work Exposure

-Blog your knowledge and progress for moral boosting. Put a blog site for your CCIE journey i.e. ,, This is optional however.

-Always allocate study time per day. This may vary as your preparation progresses.

-Lots of hands On (of course).

-Exercise, this will promote a good blood flow to the brain.


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