CUCM / Valcom paging integration

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Aug 6th, 2008
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Hi all. I have run into an issue that I dont know much about. Im trying to integrate a Valcom V2006A in with a CUCM for overhead paging. Cisco says this will work, but Im not sure how to get this setup. They say use an FXO port, which I have one available. Im not really sure what else needs to be done. I have connected the one pair cable from the valcom to the FXO. Im really not sure how to configure this though. Anyone with any experience know how to do this? I appreciate it.

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dmil202 Wed, 08/06/2008 - 16:32
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A 2600A should work fine with an FXO port. You need to ensure that your signaling matches on both sides, default for Cisco FXO is Loop Start.

I'm assuming your gateway is already configured in UCM. I'm using H323, and can't speak to MGCP/SCCP. All you need is a dialpeer pointed at the FXO port with the desired destination pattern (paging extension) and direct-inward-dial. On the CallManager box, a simple route pattern matching the desired paging extension pointed at the proper gateway will work. Let me know if you need more granularity.

jjoseph01 Wed, 08/06/2008 - 18:21
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Hey, thanks for responding. Im using MGCP for the gateway. I did configure for Loop Start, then configured a route pattern to go to that FXO port. Of course, I couldnt get it to work. I get a fast busy. So, Im not sure about the valcom side, in that Im not sure what it expects to see. So my questions at this point:

1. Can I use MGCP with the gateway that has the FXO port for this situation?

2. Will what I described about how I configured it, is that supposed to work?

I may need more granularity, if you dont mind. I literally know nothing about the valcom. Thanks.

Rob Huffman Thu, 08/07/2008 - 04:45
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Hi John,

Paging system integrations are always tricky for sure :(

The Valcom will work with a FXO connection but does expect a certain number of digits etc.

I would contact Valcom Tech Support for some good help. They have always been great to work with and are familiar with Cisco FXO/FXS setups.

Valcom Tech Support

Here is the guide for the V2006A as well (which I'm sure you already have, but just in case).

Hope this helps buddy!


jjoseph01 Thu, 08/07/2008 - 06:49
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Thanks, yeah, I have the pdf and I called Valcom, which the guy I spoke with didnt seem very interested. Either way, thanks Rob. Ill work with it and see what I can do.

jjoseph01 Thu, 08/07/2008 - 18:37
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All, I got this working today with the help of TAC. Im certain I have learned a few things on this one. This was something I had never seen, but I feel I may see this again. Thanks for the help on this.

christep Fri, 09/26/2008 - 14:41
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I would like to know the details on how you got this to work. I have a simliar situation I'm trying to resolve.



jjoseph01 Mon, 09/29/2008 - 05:20
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Let me look at the configuration and Ill post back on it.

jjoseph01 Mon, 09/29/2008 - 05:24
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I created a route pattern to route over to the FXO port. I said when they dial 1100, that the 110 was dropped, and 0 was passed over to the FXO port. At that point, it goes directly into the valcom. Now, keep this in mind, when I had issues with it, I did not understand the valcom setup. And Id have to look at it again if I wanted to do this again, but I can say that I had it hooked up wrong in the beginning.


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