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I am working for an ISP so that i have put a 2 MB link to the customer router . since the customer is having video traffic i had pu t some policies in the customer end router .i had given precedence value 4 for the video traffic and remaining in class-default,after applying the policy map to the outside port(which is connected to the ISP) the availiable banwidth is showing 0 and getting the packet queued.the queing stratagy showing is weighted fair .so i tried to make it as fifo thru "no fair-qeue" then it is given that "must disable the CBWFQ"

I had given priority 1536 for video and remainin 512 MB for data

please help me to clear this problem

thanks in advance


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Marwan ALshawi Thu, 08/07/2008 - 02:12
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i dont think u need to give the vedio a priority queue

do it like

class-map vedio

match ip precedence 4

policy-map policy1

class vedio

bandwidth percnt 75

class class-default

bandwidth percent 25


then apply ur policy

it is just suggestion

i have given 75% percent of the link to the vedio

while in case there is no vedio traffic

the other traffic will use more

but will not use more than 25% in case of conjestion

the for vedio but vedio has 75%

or u can police the class defaul to 512


class class-default

police 512000 confirm-action transmit excced-action drop

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