Server Load Balancing on a Cisco 6503

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Hi There

I wonder if anybody could answer my question below please.

I have received a request to look into the purchase of the following,

1 x Cisco 6504 with SLB feature licence

1 x 48 port 10/100/1000 Electrical blade

This is wanted to test a products compatability with Cisco's Server Load Balancing feature.

The requestors stated requirements are that the equipment would

1). Support IPSec in Transport mode

2). Handle thorughput of 5Gbps with IPSec

3). Support IPv6

Now in another part of the company is a spare Cisco 6503 with a Supervisor II card and a 48 port 10/100 Electrical blade. I could have this transferred to me for the shipping & handling costs.

However I have no experience with Cisco blade routers and I would like to ask if anyone would know if this spare Cisco 6503 with the cards mentioned would meet the stated requirements or if it could be upgraded to meet the stated requirements. And if it's the latter, would you know what upgrade(s) would be required.

I am currently looking around Cisco web site and the web in general, but so far have not come up with much helpful information.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Best Regards,


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