Multicast: rp-announce-filter is filtering all groups

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Aug 8th, 2008


I want R2 to be RP for and R3 to be RP for I want to do the filtering on the mapping agent only.

R1: mapping agent

R2: RP (

R3: RP (

R1 connected to R2 and R3 via serial links.

I have the following on R1:

access-list 2 permit

access-list 3 permit

access-list 20 permit

access-list 30 permit

ip pim send-rp-discovery Loopback0 scope 10

ip pim rp-announce-filter rp-list 3 group-list 30

ip pim rp-announce-filter rp-list 2 group-list 20

Yet R1 is still filtering all groups. See the log below:

*Mar 1 00:14:40.555: Auto-RP(0): Received RP-announce, from, RP_cnt 1,

ht 181

*Mar 1 00:14:40.559: Auto-RP(0): Filtered for RP

*Mar 1 00:14:46.959: Auto-RP(0): Received RP-announce, from, RP_cnt 1,

ht 181

*Mar 1 00:14:46.963: Auto-RP(0): Filtered for RP

Is there a problem with my config?

thank you,

I have this problem too.
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Giuseppe Larosa Fri, 08/08/2008 - 13:10


yes because without any specific configurations a candidate RP will advertise itself for the whole multicast address space and this is what happening on the candidate RPs and they are filtered.

Add the right ACL on each candidate RP

ip pim send-rp-announce loopN scope TTL# group-list ACL#

Hope to help


Giuseppe Larosa Fri, 08/08/2008 - 13:12


I didn't see you were the same that had opened the thread !

I'm really tired ..

Excuse me

Best Regards



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