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Aug 9th, 2008


i need help for the following.

When a caller dials the 1234 and this go via a NoAnswerTransfer to the Operator desk and Operator Desk is transfered to VoiceMail the caller hears the voicemail setup menu from the party 1234. But we want that the caller gets connected to the operator voice mail, even in the case that the called number was 1234. Is there any solution?

System: CUCM Business Edition with Unity Connection 2.1.

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Marwan ALshawi about 8 years 5 months ago

go to the subsecriber setting

in this case the operator on unity and make

then go to the call transfer setting [of the operator]

then chose send directly to subsecriber's gretings

good luck

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Correct Answer
Marwan ALshawi Sat, 08/09/2008 - 03:14

go to the subsecriber setting

in this case the operator on unity and make

then go to the call transfer setting [of the operator]

then chose send directly to subsecriber's gretings

good luck

Hans-Christian Harde Sat, 08/09/2008 - 07:02

No it was a fake. My testuser was an alternate extension.

Have the problem again.

Can you answer with some more information, please? I'm new to unity connection.

What I want to have.

If a caller dials the 1234 and this is forwarded to 2000, and 2000 has a forward to voicemail, i want to hear, if i dial 1234 the voicemail from the number 2000 and not from the number 1234. Can you help me, please?

Marwan ALshawi Sat, 08/09/2008 - 07:33

in the operator phon u have chosen the check box or otion to transfer to the voice mail or u have put the voicemail number in the transfer area?

rob.huffman Sat, 08/09/2008 - 07:33

Hi Hans-Christian ,

This is normal, if you are using most voicemail systems including Unity Connection or Pre-5.x Unity voicemail this is working as expected. The problem lies in the fact that Unity Connection sees the First Redirecting or Originally Dialed number (1234's CLID rather than the Last Redirecting Number (2000's).

If this was just a one-up type of setup you can configure a Voicemail profile (in CCM) for 2000 and apply it to 1234 that will allow this type of Call Forward to 2000's mailbox. But this does remove the ability for 1234 to have a Personal Mailbox.

Or as you have discovered, in Unity Connection you could set up 1234 as an Alternate Extension under 2000. The problem is that the UC System is seeing 1234 as the dialed number here and routing to the 1234 Mailbox ;

Alternate Extensions

On the Alternate Extensions page for a user account, you can enter phone numbers to set up alternate extensions in addition to the primary extension of the user. Alternate extensions can be used for various reasons, such as handling multiple line appearances on user phones. Alternate extensions can also make calling Cisco Unity Connection from an alternate device,such as a cell phone, a home phone, or a phone at another work site more convenient.

When you specify the phone number for an alternative extension, Connection handles all calls from that number in the same way that it handles calls from a primary extension (assuming that ANI or caller ID is passed along to Connection from the phone system). This means that Connection associates the alternate phone number with the user account, and when a call comes from that number, Connection will prompt the user to enter their password and log on.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


Hans-Christian Harde Sat, 08/09/2008 - 07:38

Hey Guys,

thanks for answers. But I can't use the alternate Extensions, because I need this for about 60 Users. What I want is very simple. A single VoiceMail box for a company with 60 user. Its like a nightservice. Any other Idea for solution?

rob.huffman Sat, 08/09/2008 - 07:46

Hi ,

Do these 60 users need to have Personal Voicemail during the day? If they do not, then the "Voicemail Profile" method that I indicated above will work for as many users as you want (no limit). The Voicemail Profile config is all done via CCM and will allow this type of Forwarding to the 2000 General Mailbox to work as you desire.

Sadly this is an "all or nothing" config, you can't have it both ways (personal voicemail and Forwarding to 2000) in the current Unity Connection landscape :(

Hope this helps!


Marwan ALshawi Sat, 08/09/2008 - 07:46

hi rob

i remember that i have read somewhere that issue and the solusion for is to make the CCM send the the called number [with CF} as the calling number to the Unity.. in this case will be solved but i am unable to get this thing!!!

rob.huffman Sat, 08/09/2008 - 07:57

Hi Marwan,

Hope all is well :)

This default behaviour can be changed in Unity 5.x as you nicely noted, but sadly this is not available in UC 2.x as far as I know.

Here are the Unity 5.0 release notes;

Route Forwarded Calls by the First or Last Redirecting Number

Cisco Unity supports the option of routing calls based on either the first or last redirecting number when a call is forwarded to Cisco Unity.

Note the following:

This option requires Cisco Unity-CM TSP 8.1(2) or later.

This option is not supported by integrations through PIMG units.

This option can be changed through the Advanced Settings Tool (AST), which is available in Tools Depot.

Call Information Exchanged by the Phone System and Cisco Unity

The phone system and Cisco Unity exchange call information to manage calls and to make the integration features possible. With each call, the following call information is typically passed between the phone system and Cisco Unity:

•The extension of the called party.

•The extension of the calling party (for internal calls) or the phone number of the calling party (if it is an external call and the phone system supports caller ID).

•The reason for the forward (the extension is busy, does not answer, or is set to forward all calls). There is also a reason code for Direct Calls.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager SCCP and SIP trunk integrations can also provide the following call information (the choice of first and last redirecting number is set in the Advanced Settings Tool, which is available in Tools Depot):

•Called number

•First redirecting number

•Last redirecting number


Note Cisco Unity can use either the first redirecting number or last redirecting number, depending on the setting in the Advanced Settings Tool, which is available in Tools Depot.

Hope this helps!


Hans-Christian Harde Sat, 08/09/2008 - 08:18

Hey I also find a solution for my Unity Connection problem.

In Call Management - Call Routing - Direct Routing Rules and Forwarded Routing Rules - I set in the Opening Greeting in the "Send Call to " User with Voice Mailbox setting the User of the Operator desk.

Now it works for my requirement, but in the next project I won''t suggest Unity Connection. ;-)))

Marwan ALshawi Sat, 08/09/2008 - 08:34

cool it solved

but i am wondering about this way i dont know if rob agree with me about it

in this case we can creat a CTI route point or CTI port with an extention number

and on this CTI we make the CFA to the unity

and on unity we creat a call-routing rules (forwarded calls) in Unity that take a call coming to the CTI number to be forwarded to the operator greeting, mailbox so on !!

i think this way also works

and thanks for this interesting discussion :)

rob.huffman Sat, 08/09/2008 - 08:44

Hi Marwan,

Thanks buddy! Much appreciated :) I do agree with your thinking regarding the use of Routing Rules.+5 for this good info.

Hans-Christian ...I like your work around for this!+5 for you as well for this very kind follow-up.

Take care guys!


Marwan ALshawi Sat, 08/09/2008 - 08:46

really usefull discussion

so the CTI will use its number when go to unity?

then when can match and do what ever we want?

rob.huffman Thu, 08/21/2008 - 04:32

Hi Mike,

Thanks for weighing in on this :) +5 points for your help here.

Take care,



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