CVP VXML server failure to play numbers (say it smart) some times

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Aug 10th, 2008
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We are using CVP VXML server 3.1 (Audium) and we have one application simply playing 7 digit number and thank you.

We are not using any ASR/TTS, but we are using Say it Smart method to play the number in the Audio element.

Meida files fetched from the media server throguh the CSS.

every half hour atleast one customer gets affected. its playing only two digit or four digit and disconnects.

Could any body have idea about this problem.

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How is the HTTP client cache on the gateways working? What is the lifetime of the files set up on the Media Stores? There is a nice Cisco whitepaper on optimization of this process to ensure highest performance.

I know this is a bit of a long shot if all other WAV files don't suffer from the same issues; but when Say It Smart makes up the set of WAV files that constitute the number, you are making the IOS voice browser play the WAV files for the numbers in rapid succession, so it's worth checking.

What error do you see in the App Server log?



prakashj Mon, 08/11/2008 - 00:47
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We have the following conifguration on VXML IOS Gateway (5350xm)

http client cache memory pool 40000

http client cache memory file 10000

http client cache refresh 900

http client connection timeout 60

http client response timeout 60

and i am getting the following error

%ISN-SS_TEL-3-ERROR:CVP VXML Server encountered a Bat-Fetch for http://cvp-audium:8080/CVP/en-us/../Server?application=DQTEST&CallerID=4783687&lang-AR&DQnumber=4328127 call:7B010913.66B01DD.B84C0013.60EE0F9E

Kindly throw some lights...

with Regards,


Have you read the Cisco white paper on caching audio files for VXML?

In your cache:

http client cache memory file 10000

This is not really relevant to your problem, but that is very large. You should not have this larger than approx 600. That's a 600k audio file - approx 1 minute.

http client cache refresh 900

Typically you should set this to the normal value (864000) and let content expiration on the web server control the files.

Do you have content expiration set on your Media Store? What is the lifetime.

Run "show http client cache" and look for all the 1.wav, 2.wav etc that Say It Smart is calling. Are they all there with similar settings? Try "audio-load " on one of the files to ensure they are being pulled through the CSS VIP OK.

Regarding the error - what do you see in you application log file on the VXML server?



prakashj Tue, 08/12/2008 - 00:47
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Actually we are running some music wave files more than 600 kb. thats why we set for 10000k

if this is causing the problem then i will reduce this to 600k.

http client cache refresh 900 is configured by Cisco AS while the initially setup of call center.

and in the media server also content expiration set on 15 minutes.

we have cross verified serveral way that CSS vip is working fine.,07/31/2008 02:06:01, SERVER ERROR: A VoiceXML exception occurred: error.badfetch.http.-1

I havenot read this white paper.

Please provide us the best practise for the media server config in heavy load call center.

with regards,


> Actually we are running some music wave files more than 600 kb.

Don't do that. Split them up into smaller files and play them sequentially. I personally like to keep them under 300k.

15 minutes content expiration is not desirable. Do you plan to change the WAV files on a regular basis and want the change to come into effect within a 15 minute window? Why?

I have some directories with content expiration set to 30 days. You are constraining the performance - let the files come out of the cache and not be fetched again. You can create different directories on your Web server with different content expirations - if you have some emergency messages that may get re-recorded and replaced on the Web server, then put them in a separate directory and give them a short life time. (You can also do this on a file basis, if you don't want to change the structure.)

You need to read the white paper. The document is called: "IVR HTTP Client White Paper" - EDCS-578528. This will outline some very important points you don't appear to know.

Please note - http client cache refresh 900. This has no effect if the lifetime is set on the Web server. Set this to a large value and let the Web server control the fresh time.

This is all documented in the white paper.



prakashj Wed, 08/13/2008 - 03:15
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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the information lets do the workaround and observe the result.

with Regards,


prakashj Thu, 08/14/2008 - 02:44
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sorry, i could not able to download above mentioned white paper can you help me to find out.

BarryMcLellan72678 Thu, 08/14/2008 - 05:26
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It looks like we had the same issue as you, which took forever to recreate for Cisco! We had them put a fix into IOS version 12.4-15.T5, however we were on CVP 4.0.2 at the time.

Might be something for you to look into!



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