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Dear all,

I want to build up the below topology with 1841 security router. In my topology there are two locations one is Singapore and another is Bangladesh.

The two locations we want to assign same ip network.

Does it possible to assign the same ip network in two locations.

I am truing to config the router in Tunnel interface with bridge mode. But Tunnel interface is no support bridge-group command.

If possible please let me some instruction in config level.




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Marwan ALshawi Mon, 08/11/2008 - 04:52

u can achive ur case by configuring VPN between the two routers

but in a vpn mode called LAN Extension Mode

Normally, the network number used at the SOHO in network extension mode is an extension of the address space used at the corporate site

and the following link will give u step by step details

good luck

please, if helpful rate

Hi Marwan,

Thanks for reply. I am glad to you for the cooperation.

I have not seen any bridge config in your documents.

Does it not require the bridge rib or bridge-group command to make the topology?

Can i use the ip as a loobback1 interface in Router_A and in Router_B?

Can I use rest of the ip range to in host PC in both locations?

If possible, Please make for me a sample config for a location, I think I will do the config for another location based on your config.



Marwan ALshawi Mon, 08/11/2008 - 22:20

to simplified for u

this is a normal vpn

but the mode is extention mode so one site will be like client and other server

when the client connect

the both can communicat as they in the same network

and have the same ip network addresses range

dose not need a briging

just understand the link

also u can search "vpn network extention mode"

good luck and thanks for rating


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