Need help to do Account Codes on CME/CUE

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my customer wants a account code for some type of external calls. He wants to dial *XXXXX + phone number, where XXXXX is a five digit account code.

To do that, I configured an ephone-dn on CME with a wildcard *..... and a call forward all to 4005, which is an IVR application on Cisco Unity Express.

On this application, I lookup the "original called number" against a SQL database. If the account code is valid, it runs a "Get Digit String" step simulating a dial tone the get the phone number to dial, after it, the system does a Call Transfer to that number.

It is working fine, but now the customer wants to use the Redial softkey button, which is a problem with this solution, since it will redial only the *XXXXX, because phone number is a series of DTMF digits sents to CUE, not a phone number called from the IP phone.

To solve it, I need to collect the account code + the phone number before route the call do Unity Express. Here is the problem.

1. If I configure a dial-peer pointing the routes to the Unity, I cannot invoke the IVR application, since Unity SIP trigger only supports a specific phone number, not wildcards

2. To maintain the same logic in use now, I can change the wildcard of ephone-dn to collect more digits before do a call forward all to Unity, but only "." (dot) wildcard is supported on ephone-dn and I need to use "T" wildcard for International Calls. The system accepts the "T" wildcard command, but it does not work

I really appreciate some help or an indication of another solution or third party application.



I have this problem too.
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