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Aug 12th, 2008
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Hello Team,

We disconnected some host/storage fc ports from one MDS switch and connect to 2nd MDS switch. now I want to connect both 1st and 2nd MDS switch through ISL.

If I run "sh running-config" on 1st switch, it is showing FCIDs for those host/storage against the WWN but when I run "sh fcns database" , those FCIDs are not there for those hosts.

now those devices have different FCIDs on 2nd switch and I wonder when I will connect both switches through ISL, will that create an issue with those devices being assigned dual FCIDs?

Also, to match the zoning config, I've matched VSAN config, domain parameters, port config, fcaliase, zone, zoneset etc.

Do I need to check anything else ?

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KevinBeaulieu Tue, 08/12/2008 - 07:20
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What SAN-OS are you running? What type of hosts do you have connected to the switches? Any AIX or HPUX hosts? Did you attach any hosts prior to SAN-OS 2.x?

Thank you.

aijazbeigh Tue, 08/12/2008 - 07:24
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We are running SAN OS 3.1 (1) on both MDS switches. we have all Unix (Solaris) hosts.we upgrade from 2.1 (2d) to 3.1 (1) last year.

Michael Brown Wed, 08/13/2008 - 14:37
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What you see on MDS1 where the devices were attached, is the persistent information. That information is only used if the device is attached to that switch in the noted VSAN. The devices will not show in the FCNS data base since they are not in that switch, and there is no ISL to the switch they are attached to. If both MDS are configured for the same domain, the VSAN will not come up as active on the ISL. Each switch must have a unique domain ID for the VSAN. The swtich that the devices are attached to is the only switch that can assign an FCID to a device.

You will have to use a different domain on the 1st switch for the VSAN. I suggest making the domain IDs unique per VSAN, and static on each switch.

If the zone/zoneset are the same, they will perform a merge during the VSAN initialization across the ISL.

The devices will not get a new FCID unless the domain ID on the 2nd switch, where they are currently attached changes. If it not configured as static, the domain ID might change if a BF (build fabric) occurs.

Hope this helps,


marsnow Tue, 08/19/2008 - 05:05
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What you are seeing in running config are persistent FCIDs, someone has added this at some point, so you will be seeing something like:

fcdomain fcid database

vsan 1 wwn 50:05:07:63:04:13:44:b5 fcid 0xad0005

All you need to do is remove the persistent entries from the running config on the 1st switch for those devices that moved:

(config)#fcdom fcid data

(config-fcid-db)#no vsan x wwn 50:05:07:63:04:13:44:b5 fcid 0xad0005

Repeat for each device that moved.

Exit and commit the changes


(config)#fcdom commit

Now if you want the new FCIDs they got on the 2nd switch to be persistent add them to the running config on the 2nd switch

Find the new FCIDs that the devices got on the second switch, using "sh flogi data vsan x"

Enable persistent FCID and add FCIDs to running config

(config)#fcdom fcid persistent

(config)#fcdom fcid data

(config-fcid-db)#vsan x wwn wwn 50:05:07:63:04:13:44:b5 fcid 0xad0005

Repeat for each device that moved.

Exit and commit the changes


(config)#fcdom commit

If the switches are ISL'ed together you can turn on CFS for fcdomain so the persitent FCIDs are propogated in the fabric so you can configure them from either switch.

(config)#fcdom distribute


Before you ISL make sure the DID's are unique and zoning does not conflict. Active zoneset name must be the same on both switches, zones with same name must have same members on both switches. Zoning isolation will happen if any of these are wrong.


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