Agent gets only 3ms of wrap up time instead of 30 seconds as configured

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Aug 12th, 2008
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We have a situation where agents occasionaly get only 3ms of wrap up when we have them configured for 30 seconds of wrap up time. For some reason, some agents get set to ready state immediately after the call ends,

You can see this in the Agent_State_Trace on HDS:

SELECT AST.DateTime, [AS].State, RC.ReasonText, AST.PeripheralCallKey

FROM Agent_State_Trace AST

INNER JOIN Agent_State [AS] ON [AS].StateID = AST.AgentState

LEFT JOIN Reason_Code RC ON RC.ReasonCode = AST.ReasonCode

WHERE DateTime BETWEEN '2007-06-12 16:40' AND '2007-06-12 17:00'

AND SkillTargetID = 5884


2007-06-12 16:42:15.000 Work Ready NULL 17122764

2007-06-12 16:42:45.000 Ready NULL NULL

2007-06-12 16:44:12.000 Reserved NULL NULL

2007-06-12 16:44:13.000 Talking NULL 33646923

2007-06-12 16:50:18.000 Work Ready NULL 33646923

2007-06-12 16:50:45.000 Ready NULL NULL

2007-06-12 16:50:46.000 Reserved NULL NULL

2007-06-12 16:50:48.000 Talking NULL 33646965

2007-06-12 16:53:43.000 Work Ready NULL 33646965

2007-06-12 16:53:43.003 Ready NULL NULL

2007-06-12 16:53:51.000 Reserved NULL NULL

2007-06-12 16:53:52.000 Talking NULL 17123173

2007-06-12 16:59:10.000 Work Ready NULL 17123173

2007-06-12 16:59:38.000 Ready NULL NULL

What's worse, you see another call comes in 9 seconds later. CTIOS buttons don't appear to get a CallBegin event for the new call. Looking at the CTI buttons, the agent appears to still be in Ready!

We are running ICM 6.0 SR9

Any suggestions on what to look at is greatly appreciated.

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didyap Mon, 08/18/2008 - 14:18
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To modify the rate at which ICMP destination unreachable messages are generated, issue the ip icmp rate-limit unreachable command in global configuration mode. The default value is one ICMP destination unreachable message per 500 milliseconds.

For more information, refer to the ICMP Unreachable Rate Limitation section of using the traceroute Command on Operating Systems. Mon, 08/18/2008 - 15:13
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Man, you are on the wrong track.



twocanyan Mon, 08/18/2008 - 16:42
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Thanks. But this does not relate to ICMP. This is a question regarding IP Contact Center Agent states.

david.macias Tue, 08/19/2008 - 03:58
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This is weird. Have you tried creating a new agent desk setting and just applying it to some of the affected agents? Also, is this every call or just some calls? Isn't the latest SR for 6.0 12 or 13? If so an upgrade might be in order?



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