nuevenumeros Wed, 08/20/2008 - 11:17
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In a recent project that I am doing I have 2 cisco 3750G switches straight out of the box, two TFOCA boxes, two SX-MM, two Orange fiber patch cables and two yellow fiber patch cables.

Now the setup that i have looks kinda like this:

Switch1 --- Gbic --- Orange fiber -- TFOCA --Tactical Fiber -- TFOCA --- Orange fiber --- Gbic --- Switch2 /24 /24

Each GBIC is plugged into G1/0 which is the GBIC slot on both switches. I have each port set to Trunking:

sw trunk encap dot1q

sw mode trunk

no shut

When I go to each switch and type show cdp neigh I see the other switch on both switches. But when I go into Switch 1 and try to ping the other switch it goes through, but when I go into switch 2 I cannot ping the other. I know its a simple problem, but for some reason I cannot get it to work. here is the trouble shooting that I have done below:

Traded out the orange fiber patch cable with the yellow.

Light test on all Fiber which went though.

Traded out GBICS

Traded out multiple Orange/yellow fiber patch cables.

swapped TX to RX on one switch at a time.

Swapped GBIC slots on both Switches

With my knowledge I have troubleshooted as much as I know, but still cannot get Switch 2 to talk to Switch1. its something simple that I'm overlooking, but I have no idea what it is.

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