CRS/IPCCX script: how to avoid Reserve State

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Dear all,

I have programmed the attached script. Please, refer to the "DesvioAGrupo" label and the code below (see .jpg).In this section I would like to get hte following behavour: the call should go through 3 agents in a queue, afterwards it should be redirected to another number, not to another agent of the queue.

I have almost get this working. My only problem is that after the 3rd agent doesn't answer I get a 4th agent in Reserve State while the call is redirected to another number.

I have tried to change the programming of this script, but I have checked that if I set any action under the "fail" condition in the "Connect" step it is ignored and it goes back to the "Select Resource" step.

Could anybody help me to avoid the last reservartion, please?

Thanks in advance.


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