How to Shut Off WAAS?

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Aug 14th, 2008
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I would like to be able to test the difference for when WAAS is Optimizing and when it is not. I have 2 inline WAE's. I am specifically interested in measuring the impact of WAAS on RDP between the 2 sites with the WAE's. So, the first thing I did was de-Activate both WAE's. When I use the GUI to the Central Manager, it indicates that nothing is being reported by the Connection Statistics. However, when I connect to the WAE's themselves and "show tfo conn summ", I see that the WAE's are still optimizing traffic between them. Next, I tried going to the Device Group Policy Definitions and changing the Remote-Anything policy to Passthru, but the connections are still being optimized. Finally, I tried using the GUI to reload the WAE's, but that did not actually Reload them :-(

Any ideas on how to turn WAAS optimization on and off for WAE's in inline mode? Thanks!

Correct Answer by ropethic about 8 years 11 months ago

Under the inline interface configuration:

no inline vlan all

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ropethic Thu, 08/14/2008 - 12:59
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Under the inline interface configuration:

no inline vlan all

bbeal-spang Fri, 08/15/2008 - 04:47
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Thanks! That did it. Can I ask what the point of the No Activate button in the CM GUI, besides shutting off reporting, but not shutting off optimization?

ropethic Fri, 08/15/2008 - 06:45
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Good point. Activating the WAE with central manager only always for reporting and being able to send configuration changes to the WAEs as opposed to using CLI.

Understand, WAEs auto-discover each other when a TCP SYN packet is intercepted and optimization occurs between the WAEs. CMS registration allows for optimization reporting and Device / Device Group configuration.

Let me know if you need anything further


ropethic Thu, 08/14/2008 - 14:27
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shutdown inline interface - Inline adapter has a mechanical fail to wire, so shutting down will bypass WAE

I recommend the no inline vlan all command on the inline interface configuration


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