CCM6.1(2) - 2811 CFB Registration Problems

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Aug 14th, 2008


Currently I'm trying to register a CFB resource from a 2811 PVDM2 with a Cisco CCM6.1(2) box. The box was upgraded from CCM4.2(3) to CCM6.1(2) and now it shows up as rejected on CCM.

We remove the CFB resource and add it back with a diferent device name... and change it as well on the router but still shows rejected. After checking CCM Traces with RTMT.. it seems that CCM cannot find the device in the database.

Any ideas? The cluster is just one (1) server serving as Publisher/Subscriber for like 100 phones. CFB name is CFBSDOFFICE for 2811 resource.

Please advise


08/14/2008 19:40:15.691 CCM|Processing StationReg. regCount: 1 DeviceName=CFBSDOFFICE, TCPPid = [], IPAddr=, Port=58291, Device Controller=[1,61,7231]|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><CT::1,100,65,1.220820><IP::><DEV::CFBSDOFFICE><LVL::State Transition><MASK::1000>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.691 CCM|UnicastBridgeControl - Started Request from TCPPid = []|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><CT::1,100,61,7231.1><IP::><DEV::><LVL::Special><MASK::1000>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.691 CCM|UnicastBridgeControl::StationRegister received from = CFBSDOFFICE, TCPPid = []|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><CT::1,100,65,1.220820><IP::><DEV::CFBSDOFFICE><LVL::Special><MASK::1000>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.691 CCM|UnicastBridgeControl::StationRegister MaxStream=16, ActiveStream=0 ActiveConferences=0 |<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><CT::1,100,65,1.220820><IP::><DEV::CFBSDOFFICE><LVL::Special><MASK::1000>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.691 CCM|dBProcs::initializing_DbUnicastBridgeTspReq - start. deviceName=CFBSDOFFICE, deviceType=51.|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::ffffff>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.691 CCM|DB: CFastAccess(CDBRead_Device_Location_MediaResource)|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::0400>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.691 CCM|DB: SQL1[select * from BridgeList_cmvw where my_lower(name) like my_lower('CFBSDOFFICE') and tkmodel = 51]|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::ffffff>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.697 CCM|DB: SQL2[select * from BridgeList_cmvw where my_lower(name) like my_lower('CFBSDOFFICE') and tkmodel = 51]|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::ffffff>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.697 CCM|-->DB: MoveNext()|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::0400>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.697 CCM|DB: MoveNext(): TRUE|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::0400>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.697 CCM|DB: IsEOF(): TRUE|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::0400>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.697 CCM|dBProcs::ReadUnicastBridgeByDeviceName - FAILED to find deviceName=CFBSDOFFICE, deviceType=51.|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Error><MASK::ffffff>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.697 CCM|DB: ~CFastAccess(CDBRead_Device_Location_MediaResource)|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::0400>

08/14/2008 19:40:15.698 CCM|DB: CFastAccess(Device)|<CLID::IPCNETXAR-Cluster><NID::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::0400>



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jmujica Fri, 08/15/2008 - 06:28


Thanks for the information. Very nice.. however type 51 is a CONFERENCE_BRIDGE_HARDWARE that is what I'm using with an on-board pvdm2 on a 2811 router.

It is weird because it was working on CCM4.2(3).. we just upgraded to CCM6.1 and now we are seeing that error and it is unable to register..

How did you solve your problem?



jmujica Fri, 08/15/2008 - 06:40


Thanks a lot... I start changing types around on the conference bridge on CCM and now it is register. Weird that they change that around.. before the PVDM2 conference resources were IOS Enhanced COnference Bridges and now I had to change it to Cisco IOS Conference Bridge and then it completes registration.

Again thanks a lot... Wow one step back instead of a step forward. Seamless upgrade.. yeah right!


Rajesh Revuru Fri, 08/15/2008 - 06:41

What do you have for Conference Bridge Type as "Cisco IOS Enhanced Conference Bridge"

jmujica Fri, 08/15/2008 - 06:45

I was using a 2811 router with onboard PVDM2-64 modules acting as a conference bridge and it was working with Cisco IOS Enhanced Conference Bridge type on CCM4.2. Now on 6.1 I had to change it to Cisco IOS COnference Bridge (without Enhanced word) in order to make it work again.

Maybe they change that around for some reason but I can't find it.



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