how does NAP get applied to groups or users?

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I defined two NAPs, one is Windows_PC, and one is IP_phone. How does ACS decide which NAP to apply when a PC or IP phone tries to connect?

Windows_PC NAP defined with PEAP EAP-MSCHAPv2 and AD database. While IP_phone defined EAP-MD5 and ACS internal database.

If I put IP_phone NAP in front, my phone can authenticate without issue, however my PC got Authen Failed because it was authenticated by IP_phone NAP, and EAP_PEAP was not configured.

If I move Windows_PC up, my phone won't be able to authenticate, because it got Authen Failed by Windows_PC NAP.

How can I fix it? Is there a way to define which NAP applies to which group or users?



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