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Does anyone know how the CUCM handles call ID information from SIP trunk? Basically, a call comes in over the sip trunk with a from and rid header that looks like '"ABC Company Inc." <sip:[email protected]>'. The callmanager properly displays the quoted part of the header onto the screen as who the call comes from, and it even displays the phone number in the notification area of our 7941's and 7961's. The problem lies in the "missed calls" or "recieved calls" directories, where my users cannot "dial" or "edit dial" from the directory list. The phone number that the call came in from is no where to be found. If you push "edit dial" the original phone number is missing, with no way that I've found to retrieve it. I have played with the caller ID options that I can find on the trunk settings, but everything is called party name and number are both allowed. It's odd to me that the only place to identify the phone number of the calling party over the SIP trunk is on the phones small notification area during the brief few second period while the phone is actually ringing. After the line identification disappears from the phones notification area, I can no longer retrieve it from the phone to return the call.

Any info in this area is greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply... but The outgoing caller id info is already set for default.

I also fail to see how the outgoing caller id info at all relates to the problems I am having with incoming caller id.

I also failed to find any information regarding anything to do with caller id on the link you provided...

nyciscotech Fri, 08/22/2008 - 18:29
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I'm having the same issue. H323 inbound calls are fine, but SIP trunk calls are not displaying the CID properly.

Did you come up with a solution?

not as of yet...

One oddity is that my provider sip trunk shows the info in the format "Name of Caller"

but my sip trunk that points to a 2811 voice gateway with a PRI sends the info without the quoted name of caller part, it only has the sip part.... with that, the line ID is stored as a phone number in the missed and recieved calls directory, and the number is available to "dial" and "edit dial". And the phone number is just displayed in place of the name area on the phone's screen...

I am going to begin researching the caveats of an upgrade to 6.1, which I hear as some major sip trunking improvements. I will keep this post up to date if I make any progress... I hope you will do the same..


nyciscotech Sat, 08/23/2008 - 16:26
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Will do - Running 6.1 with the same results here.

May introduce a gateway to alter the CID information before it reaches CUCM since I can't seem to locate a fix.

Interestingly enough, CCM 4.2 doesn't have an issue interpreting the CID information and it displays properly.

After (finally) being able to do some more research on this issue. I have narrowed it down to inbound SIP trunk calls from my provider coming into a SCCP device.

The problem is non-existent on a SIP based phone or when re-routing the call to another SIP based trunk.

I am running Unity 5 over SCCP and it also fails to get the caller-id info and display it in the emails that it sends.

Maybe knowing this will help us find a solution...

@nyciscotech: are you still having the same issue? Did the gateway/proxy help at all?



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