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Aug 19th, 2008

Good day...I have a quick question here I'm trying to advertised a subnet but when I do a show ip bgp I notice it says not advertised to any peer:

sh ip bgp

BGP routing table entry for, version 121282

Paths: (1 available, best #1, table Default-IP-Routing-Table, Advertisements suppressed by an aggregate.)

Not advertised to any peer

Local from (

Origin incomplete, metric 20, localpref 100, weight 32768, valid, sourced, best

what I'm actually trying to get to is a address which by the way comes up with the same as above if I do a

show ip bgp

What am I missing here?

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Harold Ritter about 8 years 5 months ago

Can you do a "show ip bgp" on the receiving router.


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Harold Ritter Tue, 08/19/2008 - 07:20


This prefix is suppressed due to an "aggregate no-summary" command being configured for an aggregate route covering this prefix.


wgranada1 Tue, 08/19/2008 - 07:25

do you mean aggregate summary?

aggregate-address summary-only

Harold Ritter Tue, 08/19/2008 - 07:28

Yes, that is what I meant. will be advertised if you take the aggregate command out of the configuration.


sdoremus33 Tue, 08/19/2008 - 08:56

as mentioned previously simply take out the take the aggregate command will be advertised if you Take cxare Warren say hi to Carl for me

wgranada1 Tue, 08/19/2008 - 09:14

one more question I took out the aggregate as suggested and now I do see it being adversited

I go to the distant and see this now:

sh ip bgp

BGP routing table entry for, version 0

Paths: (1 available, no best path)

Not advertised to any peer

64643 7381 64940 64821, (aggregated by 64821, (received-only) from (

Origin IGP, localpref 100, valid, external, atomic-aggregate

Harold Ritter Tue, 08/19/2008 - 12:12


The received-only status means that the prefix is being filtered by an inbound policy. Make sure your inbound policy allows that prefix.


Harold Ritter Tue, 08/19/2008 - 12:15

Oops, I just figured that this is actually the aggregate. Can you do a "show ip bgp".


lamav Tue, 08/19/2008 - 17:07

Please post the entire BGP config, including any route maps and filters.


Correct Answer
Harold Ritter Wed, 08/20/2008 - 13:58

Can you do a "show ip bgp" on the receiving router.


wgranada1 Thu, 08/21/2008 - 08:28

Sorry guys for wasting your time, I didn't bother checking that I was receiving the proper routes in chicago. I checked to see and found out that even though I was advertising locally the BGP route in Chicago I wasn't accepting it. Once I did that all is good now. Sorry about that


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