Nortel 2616 phones and Cisco Call manager.

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Aug 20th, 2008


My company is interested in purchasing a Cisco IP phone system. We currently have a Nortel PBX with about 100 Nortel 2616 phones.

My question, is there an adapter or interface that will allow a Nortel 2616 phone to be used with a Cisco IP phone system?

I know Cisco makes ATA adapters for analog phones, but what about digital phones?

Or do I have to replace all 100 Nortel 2616 phones?


I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Wed, 08/20/2008 - 12:05

Hi Frank,

Cisco does not make an adaptor that will work with Nortel proprietary Digital phones (like the 2616). We have pulled out about 2200 Nortel phones during our migration to Cisco IPT as well (not a big market for these Nortel phones these days ;-)

Our clients really love the change to Cisco!

Hope this helps!


AlaskanGeek Wed, 08/20/2008 - 12:46

Thanks for the info Rob.

Next question. How does Cisco IPT handle analog extension? I know you can buy cards for the router, but is there some thing where you can have a bank of analog cards that you can use the punch down block to the cables?

Or does the ATA adapter handle everything for each analog phone?

We have some areas at our Mine that have analog phones, but no data drops.


rob.huffman Wed, 08/20/2008 - 12:54

Hi Frank,

Sure you can! We use 10 x VG248's that supply 48 Analog ports per device, and really like the product.The VG248's are really great to install and they ship with an excellent step by step guide. Have a look at these docs that explain the Hardware and Software components of the install;

Cisco VG248 Analog Phone Gateway

Installing the VG248

VG248 Software Configuration Guide v1.3

The way that they "wire out" with RJ21 25 pair (Amphenol) cables really fits nicely into most wiring infrastructures.

You can order most any length of pre-made 25pr cable that will connect to the Front Panel of the VG248 and can be routed right to the existing cross-connect (punch down blocks) or you can terminate (on punch down blocks, Bix,110 Blocks,R266) the VG248 25 pr cables in a Central location and run a new Tie Cable or Cables to the existing cross-connect. The "old" Analog circuits can be traced and new connctions to the VG248 can easily replace them pair for pair, circuit for circuit. This is nice for a "phased" approach :)

We have migrated hundreds of Analog lines from Nortel to the VG248 in just this manner. Using the type of cable listed below;

Cisco RJ21 Cables

That being said, many people feel that the VG248 may be announced as EoL sometime in the near future (as yet they have not been EoL'd)

I have not seen an EOS/EOL notice for the VG248;

So the other choice is the newer VG224, they wire out the same way etc. They have half the ports :)

Cisco VG 224 Analog Phone Gateway

Hope this helps!



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