Michael Owuor Wed, 08/20/2008 - 18:31
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Hi Sebastian,

It is Raid 1.

The Cisco MCS 7825-H2 is configured with two 80-GB SATA "cold-pluggable" disk drives configured in a RAID 1 mirror set. The server continues to operate if either of the two disk drives fails. The SATA disk drives are accessible through openings in the front bezel of the server. If a drive fails, one can schedule server downtime, power down the server, and replace the failed SATA drive by simply removing it (each drive is equipped with a front latch that positively mates the drive to the server) and replacing it with an unconfigured spare drive. After restarting the server, the RAID 1 firmware initiates a remirroring of the new drive to help ensure that drive redundancy on the Cisco MCS 7825-H2 is maintained.


A new bug (CSCsk20268 - Need to display consistent RAID/BIOS info in CLI and GUI page) was filed to include details in the output of 'show hardware' CLI command, as it does not include that information on the 7825-H2 with CUCM 5.1.

Hope this helps.



segrana Thu, 08/21/2008 - 07:50
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Hi Michael

Thank's, now it is clear for me.

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