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Aug 21st, 2008


Im new to CCM, im trying to register IPPhones (7960) to CCM 4.1 however it fails.

The phones used to register with Sylantro as call agent however i changed it to CCM for testing.

This is my phone configuration:

DHCP server (its not configured with option 150, so it will not send TFTP IP address, instead i have hardcoded TFTP IP address to be my CCM's IP address).

I've configured the MAC address of IP phone in CCM, device - phone

When i boot the phone, I can see the phone is trying to communicate with CCM, however its failing, I see the following in the Ethereal trace.

Ip Phone --> CCM -- read req OS79XX.txt



CCM --> IP Phone -- Error code file NOT


Ip phone --> CCM -- Read request Macaddressofphone.cnf

CCM --> iphone -- file not found.

like wise for Ringlist.dat & CARD.BTXML.

Please help,


Sylvester, Prasanth

I have this problem too.
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framedrelay Thu, 08/21/2008 - 03:31


Thanks for the reply, yes, I checked that, its running, I even restart tftp server on the box.

framedrelay Thu, 08/21/2008 - 16:57

Since the phones were communicating with Sylnatro earlier, it was all SIP. Now, i havent changed anything. How do I do that?

Please help.!

framedrelay Fri, 08/22/2008 - 00:56

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I believe that could be the reason.

I've made few changes here,

OS79XX.TXT file, is used while booting a SIP phone? I added P00403010102 there. (Im not sure what image is that).

When i booted the phone, this is what i get to see,

note: is my CCM 4.1 is my IP phone TFTP Read Request, File: OS79XX.TXT\000, Transfer type: octet\000 TFTP Data Packet, Block: 1 (last) TFTP Acknowledgement, Block: 1 TFTP Read Request, File: MGCDefault.cnf\000, Transfer type: octet\000 TFTP Error Code, Code: File not found, Message: File not found\000 TFTP Read Request, File: /MGC001201010E44.cnf\000, Transfer type: octet\000 TFTP Data Packet, Block: 1 TFTP Acknowledgement, Block: 1 TFTP Data Packet, Block: 2


... TFTP Data Packet, Block: 4 (last) TFTP Acknowledgement, Block: 4 TFTP Read Request, File: RINGLIST.DAT\000, Transfer type: octet\000 TFTP Data Packet, Block: 1 (last) TFTP Read Request, File: CARD.XML\000, Transfer type: octet\000 TFTP Acknowledgement, Block: 1 TFTP Error Code, Code: File not found, Message: File not found\000

Not sure what is wrong here. Im sure the configuration file is missing in the tftp server, however how will i configure those files manually? I dont have any idea abt those files.

framedrelay Fri, 08/22/2008 - 00:58

I manually created this file,


tftp_cfg_dir : "/"

phone_password : "cisco"

phone_prompt : "MGCP Phone"

sntp_mode : Unicast

sntp_server : ""


time_zone : EST

dst_offset : 1

dst_start_month : "April"

dst_start_day : 0

dst_start_day_of_week : "Sun"

dst_start_week_of_month : 1

dst_start_time : 2

dst_stop_month : "Oct"

dst_stop_day : 0

dst_stop_day_of_week : "Sun"

dst_stop_week_of_month : 8

dst_stop_time : 2

dst_auto_adjust : 1

time_format_24hr : 1

date_format : M/D/Y

mgcp_gw_controller :

mgcp_input_port : 2427

mgcp_output_port : 2727

# xml_card_dir - specifies the directory to use for the

# retrieving the xml cards file. The base

# for the directory is the base TFTP Server directory.

# xml_card_dir is limited to 64 characters.

# xml_card_file - specifies the file name of the XML Cards

# file. xml_card_file is limited to 20 characters.

xml_card_dir : ""

xml_card_file : "CARD.XML"

# tos_media - specifies the value to be used for the tos bits.

# valid range is 0-7.

tos_media: 7

#use_mac_name - specifies whether to use the IP address

# or MAC Address in the endpoint name. The default is

# to use the IP address. Valid values are :

# [ 0 - IP Address (default) 1 - Mac Address ]

use_mac_name: 0

# End of Basic MGCP Default Config File.

Not sure if its correct.

framedrelay Thu, 08/21/2008 - 16:56

No, I do not have multiple call manager. All I've is 1x 4.1 call manager.

virverma Fri, 08/22/2008 - 03:34


If you are not even using tftp server and hardcoded the ip address of call manager

Then,I would suggest download the phone load and run it on call manager.

phone will pick new load.


framedrelay Fri, 08/22/2008 - 05:03

Done deal.

Its working, issue was i was not giving right image name in OS79XX.TXT

Now its working fine.

device -> Friware load information -> gave the hint


Sylvester !


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