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I can't get to update locale in an IP Communicator 2.1.4 and a Communications Manager 6.1.2 (locale installer cm-locale-es_ES- I get a status message saying "Error updating locale", and if I move the TFTP server to a CUCM 5.1 I can change locale, but when I come back to CUCM 6.1.2, it doesn't work. I verified the phone download OK the file "Spanish_Spain/ipc-sccp.jar", but it fails when CIPC tries to update locale. Any idea??

Thank you in advance!!

Carlos F.

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Hi Ian!

Thank you for your answer!

I have some doubts about what localization implies... I thought when it is said IPC supports only english it means menus, context menus, help and so on are in english, but I thought screen menus depends on locale and could be changed. On previous IPC versions you could choose program language before installing.

If it depends on IPC version, why I can change screen menus language through locale in CUCM 5.1? I already replaced ipc-sccp.jar in 6.1.2 with 5.1 files, and I got it working in spanish and english :) But I'm not sure it's a good workaround...

Thank you!

Carlos F.


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