IVR TCL problem on a 1760

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Aug 22nd, 2008
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Hi all.

I have a 1760 (c1760.entservicesk9.12415T4) on which I have loaded a WORKING config AND audio files from a 2811.

Athough the sh call appl sess shows the sessions running and all functionality of the tcl works fine, the audio is never heard. I even opened the moh file, re-recorded the voice and saved it changing only the name to the _welcome_ivr.au, still nothing.

Of course all mentioned files are in the flash and the voice port and the audio file are ulaw.

The config is:

voice-port 2/1

connection plar 900

caller-id enable

dial-peer voice 9000 voip

description ### Service IVR ###

service ivr

destination-pattern 900

session target ipv4:

incoming called-number 900

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad


service queue flash:app-b-acd-

param queue-len 15

param aa-hunt10 100

param queue-manager-debugs 1

param number-of-hunt-grps 1


service ing flash:app-b-acd-aa-

paramspace english index 0

param max-time-vm-retry 2

param voice-mail 100

param max-time-call-retry 300

param aa-pilot 900

param max-extension-length 3

param number-of-hunt-grps 1

paramspace english language en

param dial-by-extension-option 1

param handoff-string ivr

param welcome-prompt _welcome_ivr.au

paramspace english location flash:

paramspace english name ivr

param call-retry-timer 7

param service-name queue

param second-greeting-time 30

Any ideas why or what can be done?

Thnx, Chris

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jamesfang98 Wed, 08/27/2008 - 10:30
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1. 'service ing' need to be 'service ivr'

2. ouput your 'dir flash' result

c.stamataras Fri, 08/29/2008 - 04:10
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yes, thanks but I had already changed it before posting it and still did not not work.

Is the 1760 capable of working with the scripts or there are some issues, limitations etc?

c.stamataras Sat, 08/30/2008 - 12:06
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finally I changed the IOS to c1700.ipvoicek9.124.15.T7 and it works fine without changing the config!

Looks like there was a bug on the enterprise services ios...

Thanks everyone for their help!


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