Software distribution fails with SWIM1114

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Aug 22nd, 2008

Windows/LMS 2.51 RME 4.03

Is there any way to lengthen the time between the post software distribution reboot and when RME verifies the device came back up?

I have a 3725 that takes several minutes to reboot. The IOS upgrade job runs fine but fails with a SWIM1114 error because the router does not come back up in time.

Since it fails, I don't get the triggered inventory collection, or move on to the next device/warm fuzzy of a success...

or am I just missing something?

any help appreciated

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Joe Clarke Fri, 08/22/2008 - 11:18

No, this value is hardcoded to be 10 minutes. It would be a good idea to make this configurable, but such a fix would not be doable in LMS 2.5.1.

john.caterino Fri, 08/22/2008 - 14:40

thanks for the answer,

I have the paperwork in and should be running LMS 3.x by the end of the year

p.s big fan and have benefitted greatly from reading your posts.....

Joe Clarke Fri, 08/22/2008 - 15:35

In LMS 3.0 there is a hackish workaround you can use to preempt the 10 minute timer. If you increase the RME SNMP timeout for this device, you can wait as long as it takes. For example, if the switch takes 20 minutes to reload, set your SNMP timeout to 1200 seconds.

The downside of this approach is that it will take at least 20 minutes before RME will detect an SNMP problem with this device for ALL RME applications.

This workaround does not work in LMS 2.5.1 as the timeout has a limit of 90 seconds. However, by also increasing the retries, you can accomplish the same thing. For a 20 minute wait, set the timeout to 90 seconds with 3 retries (actually, this 22.5 minutes).

RASHID Mon, 06/16/2014 - 01:29


I have the same problem with LMS when i make the upgrade.

Please, can you tell me where can I set the timeout of snmp?

I use LMS 4.2.2

Best reagard

AFROJ AHMAD Mon, 06/16/2014 - 02:43

Hi ,

this is a 6 year old post.. Kindly open a new post if below does not answer your query.


Admin > Network > Timeout and Retry Settings > Inventory/Config Timeout and Retry Settings




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RASHID Mon, 06/16/2014 - 08:18

Thanks you for your response but what's exacte setting i have to make?; Because there are a lot of parameters  in Admin > Network > Timeout and Retry Settings > Inventory/Config Timeout and Retry Settings


AFROJ AHMAD Mon, 06/16/2014 - 08:51

try Increasing the SNMP TIME OUT And SNMP retry .


for further communication ,logged a new thread..




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hamidreza.taghipur Mon, 06/23/2014 - 05:29



Device will be rebooted.
SWIM1113: Device Reboot operation failed or Reboot Verification failed.
The device is not running the new image after it is rebooted.
Verify the configuration used to load the new image. Verify whether the new image exists on the device in a valid Flash partition


the software distribution , i select image  for upgrade for router 1841  and select reboot immediatly after downloading so my device take new image but can not reload with new image ...


please help me .


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