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Aug 25th, 2008

Recently ive decided to try making some service for cisco IpPhones and ive come across serval problems with cisco defined XML markup.

First of all i wanted to ask about CiscoIPPhoneInput it seems i can not add more then 5 of <InputItem> for exaple if ill make 6 element array and make:

for (int y=0; y<=6; y++){

out.println ("<InputItem>");

out.println ("<DisplayName>" + input[y] + "</DisplayName>");

out.println ("<QueryStringParam>" + input[y] + "</QueryStringParam>");

out.println ("<InputFlags>" + input[y] + "</InputFlags>");

out.println ("<DefaultValue></DefaultValue>");

out.println ("</InputItem>");


It generetes XML[4] error on the phone if i decrease those elements to 5 everything is ok.

Another thing is placing record from DB(in this case postrgersql) into menu item tag in construction:


String nazwisko = "Sztany";//rs.getString("nazwisko");

String imie = "GLANY"; //rs.getString("imie");

out.println ("<MenuItem>");

out.println("<Name>" + nazwisko + imie + "</Name>");

out.println("<URL>" + "http://localhost:8080/TelefonIP.Ksiazka/showcase.jsp?id=" + rs.getInt("id_user") + "</URL>");

out.println ("</MenuItem>");


combinaction of two variables in name tag generates same error, so im stuck with no answer i would me mostly greatful for the solution.

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msabir Mon, 08/25/2008 - 07:34

You can have a max of 5 input items per the schema released by Cisco. Here is the concerned line from CiscoIPPhone.xsd:

Also, max. length for "Name" tag is 32:

It may be a good idea to validate your generated XML against the XSD provided by Cisco.


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