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I am working on a WAAS/WAFS solution for a customer with 100-150 remote sites. All sites are single homed with 1.5Mbps T1 connections to an MPLS WAN. The customer will be using WCCPv2 for redirection to the WAE.

The current plan is to provide dual 674 at each of 2 data centers. I have a couple questions with this design.

1. For redundancy purposes, can a WAE be a member of more than one core cluster. Could the remote edge device have one edge to core cluster at DC1 and one core-to-edge connection to DC2?

2. How many fan out peers for DRE does the 674 support? How many CIFS fan out peers does it support? Is a CIFS peer or DRE peer the same from a fan out planning ratio?

3. Is there an updated WAFS/WAAS sizing tool out yet that reflects the capacity limits of the 674 and 7371 models?

Thanks in advance

Mike Louis

CCIE 17082

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dstolt Tue, 08/26/2008 - 13:11
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1. A WAE can be members of multiple core clusters. In the 4.0.x code, they will have 4050 connections to all the cores they are paired with.

2. The 674-4 is rated 100 peers, the 674-8 is rated 200 peers. This platform is being positioned for the virtual blade features in 4.1 and maintaining roughly the same performance as the 612.

3. I have seen this internally, however I would talk to your Cisco Sales team to get the official external version.




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