Issue with intercom feature on phone linked to Attendant Console

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Aug 26th, 2008
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Hello, based on some posts elsewhere and here, it appears that a receptionist cannot initiate an intercom call if their phone is linked to an attendant console (CM 6.1.13) I believe this is pretty much stupid. The one person that needs this the most is the receptionist. That being said, has anyone came up with a quality work around? The intercom functionality works great with non attendant console phones.

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gabrieler Mon, 09/01/2008 - 22:40
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Can you use this work around?

Second IP phone on desk for intercoming


Shared Line Appearances?

just some ideas...good luck

joneschw1 Tue, 09/02/2008 - 03:13
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Thanks for both of the posts. I realize the intercom feature doesn't work with the attendant console. I found the documentation on that as well. As far as the 2nd phone on hte desk goes, I considered that one, but am trying to get away with a 1 phone deployment scenario. Thanks for the idea though.

mimalloy Wed, 10/08/2008 - 11:07
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I agree....what a stupid 'feature'. It appears that AC cannot tell the difference between LINE 1 and INTERCOM 1 and thus mistakenly shows INTERCOM 1 on the screen in place of LINE 1.

I tried to bump the intercom up from 1 to 6 (since I had no line 6), but since I only have 1 intercom line it always gets changed back to intercom 1 and AC does it's overlap thing.

My workaround...if it works....still need to test some more....left LINE 1 blank on the phone. Configured my first DN on LINE 2.

AC now shows the INTERCOM number in the line 1 position, but so what. My first DN appears in AC on line 2 just like on the phone.

Only issue I can think of so far is CFWDALL. Gives an error since no DN on line 1, but since my recpetionist is using AC she doesn't need the CFA anyway.

Anybody think of any other issues caused by leaving line 1 blank?



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