Win VPN Client unusably slow

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VPN clients running on Win XP sp2/sp3 ie7. Clients can connect to vpn, but it's unusably slow - especially when access windows servers (files, exchange, rdp, even http). however things like Telnet seem to be ok.

Seems to affect wireless internet clients (Both EVDO and 802.11).

an example of slow is our intranet page which normally loads in a second or two takes upward of 45 minutes to open with vpn. Without vpn running public web sites load quickly. With vpn connected they are slow.

Tried updating concentrator code to vpn3005-4.7.2.P - currently running this rev.

clients var in code, but problem exists with the latest and

pings reply in good time.

Suspects: windows patches?? Recent corporate IE7 rollout?

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