Maximum T1/VXML Capacity with AS5350XM

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We have an AS5350XM with an eight port T1 card along with two 108NP Universal Feature DSP cards. At the current time we have three active T1 PRIs handling inbound voice calls into our CVP servers.

Given that configuration what is the maximum number of T1s can I terminate into the gateway and also provide the VXML services?

In the datasheet for the gateway it mentions the following for VXML call capacity:

● 192 with DSPs and trunk interfaces

● 240 with DTMF interaction only; no ASR/TTS, no trunk cards, and no DSPs

Does that mean I can handle 8 T1s (192 sessions = 8 x 24) with what I have today or is it actually a lesser number of T1s?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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