How to block users to dialout in Call Manager 6.x after working hours

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Aug 28th, 2008

How to block users to dialout in Call Manager 6.x after working hours ?

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Ayodeji oladipo... about 8 years 1 month ago


you can use Time of Day routing to achive this.

Bear in mind that you will have to assign the Route patters you want to restrict to the time period partition you have created for ToD routing.

Here is an excellent tutorial on how to configure this..

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Marwan ALshawi Thu, 08/28/2008 - 01:14

Time of Day Routing

The ability to route calls based on time of day is a feature that is available in CallManager 4.1 and later. This added function allows certain calls to be allowed and restricted based on time of day. It works in concert with CSS and partitions, which allows you to apply certain time-of-day routing rules to one group of users and other rules to other groups.

In the simplest terms, the way this works is that a time frame is assigned to a partition. During that time frame, the partition is accessible by any device that has a CSS that includes the partition. Outside that time frame, no device has access to the partition.

for example

if u creat a partition called P1

and assigned this partition ti ur outside route-pattren

and this partion will be included in ur users CSS to have access to this outside pattren

make a time period for working hours

then creat time sechedule include ur working hours time period


Assign a Time Schedule to the Partition

like the P1 u have it

in this case

this partion will be working upon the time u put it out of that time will be deactivated then not dialout

good luck

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