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Aug 28th, 2008

Hi, we got request for ip phones placed for customers which will allow to call just two numbers and dont allow anything else. With my poor experience with IPT it occured to me that we can somehow lock all keys and keep just two speed dials with these numbers. Is there a chance to do it with 7911 phone or do somebody have better idea how to solve it? Phones will be operated by CCM expres on cisco router.

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Marwan ALshawi Thu, 08/28/2008 - 03:00

are those two numbers local to the callmanger or outside it ?

basicly u can achieve it be partitions and caling search space known as CSS

if the numbers outside

creat a partion called for example p1

and creat CSS called p1CSS and iclude onlt p1 partion in it

now creat a two route pattrens for the two outisde calls that allwed for that phone

assign them the partion p1

and assign the phone line a CSS (p1CSS)

this way this phone will be able to call only those pattrens with that partition CSS

if the two numbers are local to the CCM

lets say

2001 and 2002

do the following creat translation pattren for each number

but befor that

as above creat a partion called p1

CSS called p1CSS that include only p1 partion

check the name of the partion and CSS the availabe on that two numbers on the phone and line setting

now creat a translation pattren

put the pattren as 2001

and the partion as p1

and in the translation pattren CSS chose a CSS that has access on the original 2001 phone i mean the phon u wanna call

in the buttom put the called number trnsformation

put 2001

now put the CSS for the restrected phone as p1CSS which have access only on that translation pattren

and creat another one for the next number

so u go make the phone able to call only two numbers

based on partions and CSS

good luck

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Ayodeji Okanlawon Thu, 08/28/2008 - 03:02


This is CCME not CCM.

I believe you can use COR (Class of restrictions) to achive this

tprochazka Thu, 08/28/2008 - 03:05

Perfect I knew that its possible to do it by CSS and partitions, are you sure that its also possible on CCM express. And there is also another issue. Is there chance to lock all other keys on phone besides these two speed dials, or at least lock menu and dont allow customers to see IP configurations, CCM adresses and so on?


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