TCL Script to shut down power to IP Phones

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Aug 28th, 2008

I've already posted this in the Unified Comms section but had no response so thought I'd try here.

Does anyone know of a way to shut down the power to IP Phones lets say every evening and weekends to conserve power? Just thinking green!!

Would a TCL script do the job or are Cisco looking into ways of doing this in the future?


I have this problem too.
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Not sure about TCL - but I have a telnet script program that telnet's to a cisco switch that provides PoE.

I have it logon at 7pm on Friday and issue the below commands:-

interface range g1/0/1 1/0/48

power inline never

this shuts power off to all the switch ports that have phones attached.

Then Monday morning a 7am another script is run:-

interface range g1/0/1 1/0/48

no power inline never

Works for me!


dezoconnor Thu, 08/28/2008 - 05:20

Thanks to you both Mark & Andrew. I've now got something to go away and work with. Much appreciated.

spollock Sat, 10/16/2010 - 18:36

Looking for something simple for my UC500 @home.  Currently running 12.4(12.12)T

I would like to have a script run at night and turn all PoE ports off, then kick them back on early in the AM.  I had a look at the green script from the 6500 team at
This obviously won't work on the UC500 although the command
Cowacella#show power inline
PowerSupply   SlotNum.   Maximum   Allocated       Status
-----------   --------   -------   ---------       ------
INT-PS           0        80.000    18.900          PS GOOD
Interface   Config   Device    Powered    PowerAllocated
---------   ------   ------    -------    --------------
Fa0/1/0     auto     Cisco    On         6.300 Watts
Fa0/1/1     auto     Cisco    On         6.300 Watts
Fa0/1/2     auto     Unknown  Off        0.000 Watts
Fa0/1/3     auto     Unknown  Off        0.000 Watts
Fa0/1/4     auto     Unknown  Off        0.000 Watts
Fa0/1/5     auto     Unknown  Off        0.000 Watts
Fa0/1/6     auto     Unknown  Off        0.000 Watts
Fa0/1/7     auto     Cisco    On         6.300 Watts
gives a clue. 
Rather than write one myself, which I will do if no one responds, I was hoping someone had already done this or found a better way.  There is nothing in the CCA menus about this (hint hint)
I also don't find EEM on here.  Seems to have come out in a later rev of ios.


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