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I was looking (querying) the Skill_Group_Real_Time table but I guess I'm not seeing what I'm supposed to be seeing or maybe I'm mistaken.

According to The "Cisco DB Schema Handbook ICM/IPCCE 6.0" this table shows real time data on the skills, data such as number of agents logged in, calls handled, calls on queue on the different skills.

I see data like the number of agents, the number of ready agents, etc, the calls on queue stays in 0. I know there's a couple of fields that would show calls depending on whether you have ICM or IPCC Enterprise (some apply only to one).

I have ICM 6.0 with Queue Manager 3.5 (CRS 3.5).

Am I supposed to see numbers in those fields?

Is anybody out there querying this table?

I'm interested in getting the number of calls in queue per skill so I can feed it to an IP phone service.


I have this problem too.
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rbua Thu, 08/28/2008 - 06:04


which ICM release(SR) are you running?

Please verify you are at the latest and then retest your scenario there were several bugs fixed in between.

On top of this where are you considering pulling your data from, this queries might be pretty intensive, it is eventually recommended to use a custom formula in ICM scripting to poll the router rather then poll or copy all the real time data from an AW.



rbua Thu, 08/28/2008 - 06:24

The ICM script you are writing on the AW will run on the router so referring to custom formulas like calls in queue would be calculated by the router itself in the script while executed, no need for a file.

I would recommend taking a scripting class and/or opening a dev support contract for similar scripting practices.

As Geoff mentioned as well to capture the data you are looking for Call Type reporting would do in the event you want to use the IVR scripting side.



When you say an "ICM script running on the router" you men a script written using the ICM script editor? or you mean a script such as vbscript using/calling some ICM API?

If is an ICM script written using the ICM script editor, how would that work? how would it write the extracted data/stats into an external file/site? I understand it if is a vbscript or jsp, can you explain, high level of course; I know we don't want to be typing a lot!

or can you point me to the right documentation?


rbua Thu, 08/28/2008 - 06:50

It is within an ICM script, whenever you define a variable it will extrapolate the data while running the script, it would not write it to an external file if you want to do so better go for a wallboard/dashboard/canned report, those are quite CPU intensive activities.



>I'm interested in getting the number of calls in queue per skill so I can feed it to an IP phone service

You need to look at the Call Type. You will not get calls in queue for the skill groups; it simply doesn't work that way.

Your best plan is to look at call type WebView reports and study the on-line help. It shows the database details.

Please read the Cisco reporting guide for IPCC to fully understand why calls in queue, ASA and abandons are counted by Call Types.




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