IP SLA Object Tracking of WAN Links

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Aug 29th, 2008
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My scenario is our Branch office is connected to headoffice using DXX as primary link if primary link goes down the branch office use secondary link to connect headoffice the secondary link is also DXX. If both links to head office will down then branch will connect to DR site using another DXX link. I use floating static route to control the priority of the links.

I configure backup interface under primary link of headoffice. Further i configure IP SLA on secondary link to track it if its down then the route to DR site will install in routing table of branch router which is on third priority. But the issue is if primary link goes down then it skips the secondary link to headoffice and moves to third link which is connected to DR Site then in few seconds it comes back and remove DR site route and install the secondary route which is connected to headoffice. this is happen to IP SLA tracking beacuse the primary link in down and also secondary link is in standby state thats why it moves to route which has third priority. I need to solve this issue on route priorities. This is our application requirement. Configuration is attached. Please mail me solution at [email protected].

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I guess you are trying to use IP SLA tracking to avoid any L2 media in between, as the route table would not be changed in case of L2 media down in case of floating static. My suggestion would be, not to go for IP SLA, rather use OSPF on all three of your offices, and make use of static redistribution based on the metrics. This would automatically update your router's routing tables as soon as any of the link goes down, and also will do the work of your primary/secondary/tertiary link requirement.

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lamav Sun, 08/31/2008 - 05:45
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Not altogether an elegant solution, but what's wrong with simply using 3 static routes, if that is what he would like to use?


ip route

ip route 50

ip route 100

Just a thought...


uzmanhassan Sun, 08/31/2008 - 11:37
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thanks for the update. i know your solution. but my requirement is backup interface reason for that it is a test scenario. In real environment the primary link is DXX the secondary link is ISDN and third link is also ISDN. that why i configured backup interface. Let me know if you can help me in this context.


uzmanhassan Sun, 08/31/2008 - 11:34
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Thanks for the update. basically this is a test scenario configuration. actually primary link is DXX secondary is ISDN and the third link is also ISDN. I configured ISDN as backup interface of DXX. This is the requirement i dont have anyother option further i cant run ospf. i have to do it through floatic static routes. let me know if u can help me in this context.



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