Aps not finding secondary controller

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I have just installed a secondary WLC 4402 where a client has 1121 APs and 1010 APs and I am slightly confused.


The WLCs are WLC1 and WLC2

The 1010 APs fail over to the secondary controller perfectly well.

The 1121 APs do not fail over.

I have given the APs primary and secondary controller names of WLC1 and WLC2.

Is this due to Option 43 not being configured correctly.

I believe though I have not investigated that there is a single entry for the 1121 APs in the DHCP scope for option 43 of the original conmtroller but there is no entry for the 1010 APs.

They are using the same DHCP scope in a layer 2 implementation.

Any help appreciated

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Scott Fella Fri, 08/29/2008 - 15:32
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When the ap has joined a wlc, the dns and dhcp option 43 is not used. The information created in the mobility group (mac address, ip address and mobility group name) is used. This is how ap's learn of the other wlc. Setting the ap's primary and secondary and or tertiary wlc is required for ap's to be able to join the other wlc. Option 43 and dns is used if the ap goes throught the proccess of finding a wlc if the primary, secondary and or tertiary wlc is not found. It seems to me that the ap's have properly joined a wlc, there for, you need to verify why the 1121'a are not joining the secondary.

First of all, is the mobility group configured correctly and is ap fallback enabled or not. Also, verify that you can mping and eping the controllers. Is the wlc set to layer 2 or layer 3 mode? I think that the 1121 needs the wlc to be in layer 3, but I will check.

What you should also do is console into the ap and post the log so we can see what errors the ap is getting.

Here is a link. Search for layer 2


Here is a link for AP Fallback:


tkhan Tue, 09/02/2008 - 09:41
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Are the 1121s using SSC? If so, the secondary controller must have entries for them or they won't join.

tkhan Tue, 09/02/2008 - 11:09
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From my experience, all the new APs, 1131s, and 1200s series use MICs (Manufacturer Installed Certificates). So depending on when the AP was manufactured, it may have a MIC or generates an SSC when you convert it. All LWAPP APs have MICs. When I converted 1300+ AP1200s, only about 100 of them had MICs.



Ive done hundreds of upgrades myself.

A while ago I had missing SSCs on 1230s.

Now its 1121s. If it was just the older APs I could understand but the 1010s worked fine its a little confusing with no clear parameters.

I guess its just wireless?

It wouldnt be fun if it was easy.


jeff.kish Thu, 09/04/2008 - 13:34
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1010 access points are the original Aironet access points and should come with a MIC since they are controller-only. So you have the right idea, but 1000-series access points will be an exception to the rule.


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