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Aug 30th, 2008

Hai all i am From INDIA

I took my CCNA exam with pearson VUE testing Center by paing cash in hand and i got a CISCO ID and VUE ID after completing my exam,

Now i want to take CCNP exam by registering online and by paying through credit card i alread have an account with the pearson VUE with another CISCO ID

can i take the exam with that CISCO ID which is different from CISCO ID i had it for CCNA,

is it necessary to have same CISCO ID for all the exams i take from CISCO ?

I tried of creating a new account with PEARSON VUE using my CCNA CISCO ID but unable to do so because its already having my name in its database i just changed my name order a little bit and then applied it worked for me and i am expecting a username and password after 24 hours,does this works?

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Richard Burts Sat, 08/30/2008 - 08:09


It is beneficial to have only a single Cisco ID (and a single VUE ID) and to have all Cisco test results associated with that single ID rather than having multiple IDs and having some test results associated with one and more test results associated with another.

If you pass the CCNA exam with one ID and you pass all the CCNP exams with a different ID then I believe that you will not receive the Cisco CCNP certification because CCNA is prerequsite for CCNP but your ID for CCNP will not show passing CCNA.

You really should get both IDs consolidated so that all test results are associated with a single ID.



sreekanth sarma Sat, 08/30/2008 - 21:28

thank u very much rick and am having one more doubt does the name with which i registerd in the PEARSON VUE will be used in the CERTIFICATE

or else will we get an option to change again?

Now that the Testing Center already have Some PEARSON VUE account assosciated with my CISCO ID

can i create a new account with my CCNA CISCO ID?

I already created one such account by just changing the order of my first and last name , i am expecting a reply from Pearson VUE tomorrow,i just want to know whether it would be possible

please help me coz i completed my preparation and very much excited to take my exam as early as possible

Richard Burts Sun, 08/31/2008 - 04:08


Perhaps there are parts of your question that I do not properly understand and if so perhaps you can clarify for me about them.

As far as I know the name that you use when you create the Cisco ID is the name that will be on your certification. If you want to change it I believe that certification support at Cisco can help you to do this.

It would be interesting to know what answer you get from VUE about creating IDs. I am not expert in their system. From my perspective it is less important what the VUE ID is and it is more important that your test results be associated with the correct Cisco ID. I would expect that VUE would try to keep it one VUE ID per one Cisco ID. But if VUE will allow more than one VUE ID to be associated with one Cisco ID then perhaps it is not a problem.



sreekanth sarma Tue, 09/02/2008 - 03:18

Hi rick

I finally got my VUE ID and password for my Previous CISCO ID from Pearson VUE and about to take my BCMSN soon

thanks to VUE support center


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