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Aug 31st, 2008


I am trying to register my 1760 router with the cucm 6.0 for MTP but was shown rejected.

This is my sccp configuration:

sccp local FastEthernet0/0.10


sccp ccm priority 1

sccp ip precedence 3


dspfarm transcoder maximum sessions 4

dspfarm confbridge maximum sessions 1

dspfarm rtp timeout 60

dspfarm connection interval 60



I did a debug and found the following error:

Sep 1 12:58:13.563: sccpold_process_mtp_pdu: appl - 837D8F38, mbuf - 837D8FAC

Sep 1 12:58:13.563: sccpold_process_mtp_pdu: msg_ptr 837D8FB4, len 36, offset 4

4, msg_id 157

Sep 1 12:58:13.563: sccpold_process_mtp_pdu: rcvd register rej, reason: Error:

DB Config

Sep 1 12:58:16.312: sccpold_create_application: send register msg, appl 837D93E

8, appl_type 2

I notice the Error: DB config. Does anyone able to help on this?


I have this problem too.
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Jaime Valencia Mon, 09/01/2008 - 07:36

how are you trying to configure this on CUCM?? sounds to me you selected the wrong MTP category, delete the one you got and try with other one (ie instead of ios enhanced just IOS)



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kohhockguan Mon, 09/01/2008 - 17:33

Hi, thanks for the reply. This is my first encounter with MTP so I am not really familiar with the term IOS enhanced. I had tried with transcoder and conference bridge and I am able to get it to register and work. I am trying to get my call to be kept in the gateway. MTP Category are you refering to transcoder and conference bridge? Thank you very much.

kohhockguan Mon, 09/01/2008 - 17:37

Hi, under the MTP selection in the CUCM I can only choose Cisco IOS Enhanced software Media Termination Point. There is no other option.

kohhockguan Mon, 09/01/2008 - 18:19

I do notice there is hardware MTP with 3 other option when i add a new transcoder or conference bridge. Urgently need help on this. Thank you.

nealw Mon, 09/01/2008 - 19:46

If you are trying to connection a UCM 6.x I have found it is best to put the UCM version type after the priority statement as the default is CCM 3.1, IOS only allows 4.1 but it works. I have had similar probnlems.

sccp ccm x.x.x.x identifier X priority X version 4.1

kohhockguan Mon, 09/01/2008 - 19:56


I have the version 3.1+ added as the version. My IOS didn't seems to support that version 4.1.

DG2SG#sh sccp

SCCP Admin State: UP

Gateway IP Address:

Switchover Method: IMMEDIATE, Switchback Method: GUARD_TIMER

Switchback Guard Timer: 180 sec, IP Precedence: 3

Max Supported MTP sessions: 0

User Masked Codec list: None

Transcoding Oper State: DOWN - Cause Code: DSPFARM_DOWN

Active Call Manager: NONE


Conferencing Oper State: DOWN - Cause Code: DSPFARM_DOWN

Active Call Manager: NONE


Call Manager:, Port Number: 2000

Priority: 1, Version: 3.1 or Higher

I am using the DSP in the router 1760. I not sure is it a hardware conflict that cause it not to register with the cucm. Or could it be the IOS problem?

Cisco 1760 (MPC860P) processor (revision 0x500) with 119333K/11739K bytes of memory.

IOS: c1700-ipvoicek9-mz.124-15.T7.bin

Appreciate the help. Thanks.

nealw Mon, 09/01/2008 - 20:14

When I have set these up if it is set to 3.1 by default or not, if has always rejected the registration. Can you set up the sccp ccm group using this HW and IOS? I thought that UCM needed a name to associate with?

kohhockguan Mon, 09/01/2008 - 23:29

For my configuration of the MTP device name I simply use MTPXXXXXXXXXXXX where X represent the mac address of the interface which the router is connected to the network switch. I am not very sure if the router 1760 with ios 12.4 is able to work with CUCM 6.1. For this router there is no sccp ccm group command or is there anyway to do associate. But conference bridge and transcoder is able to work without problem.



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