Taking small LAN to the Internet

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Sep 1st, 2008
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Please i just got a small contract to take like 20 systems to the internet.

I am using a VSAT link, a swicth and a cisco router. The router is configured for nat overload, and there is a dhcp server on the LAN. My question is, the computers are not going to the internet.

1. Do I need to configure DNS one the router, and with what command.

2. where will i get a dns server ip to use on the router,from the service proivder,or i will specified the ip address of the dhcp server.

3.since I hav done NAT,am i not suppose to be able to ping the IP address of yahoo,even without dns configured.

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Scott Cannon Mon, 09/01/2008 - 22:39
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If you odnt have your own DNS server to do forward lookups with the ISP I suggest you set your clients to use the ISPs DNS via DHCP.

If you have PAT correctly configured, and assuming DNS and your internet are correctly configured aswell, you will be able to ping google, yahoo and their ilk.

PAT will store the IP of the source device along with a port number and comletethe ping with the public IP from the ISP.

Perhaps you could post your NAT/PAT config?



Just Kennie Thu, 09/04/2008 - 01:17
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1.I dont have DNS,wher can i get one.

2.Can i use the service provider DNS.

3.please what do you mean by 'DNS and you internet configured correctly'. you mean 'ip name server 'on the router.do i need to specify it two at the dhcp.

1.) your ISP can provide a usable public DNS server....

2.) YES

3.) Does your cusotmer already have a DNS server on their LAN? If not, then you can specify in the DHCP scope. If they do already have an Internal DNS server, changing the scope will break internal DNS. You would have to reconfig the internal DNS to get public info.


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