CCIE Lab - Payment must be received 90 days before attending lab

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Sep 1st, 2008

Hi there!

So, I seems that is the news month for CCIE lab. I had received an e-mail with the following content:

"Dear CCIE Lab Candidate.

On September 6, 2008 the payment policy for CCIE labs will change. The new policy is as follows:

Payment in full is due 90 days (calendar) prior to your lab date. After 90 days refunds will not be available for canceled lab dates.

The change in this policy will allow for lab seats to be open in a timely manner and create more desirable time frames.

Our records show that you have a lab scheduled 90 days or more from September 6, 2008. Please remit payment as soon as possible to secure your lab date. If payment is not received, your lab date will be canceled.

If you have questions or want to confirm you are within the 90+ day window please contact customer support.


The Cisco Career Certifications Team"

A short look into CCIE News section of confirm this. Can somebody understand and explain to me why we should pay 3 months before and not being able to get a refund?! 3 months is still some time and a lot can happen in your life (even bad things...).



I have this problem too.
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Danilo Dy Mon, 09/01/2008 - 23:56

Well, you can cancel it with a refund (I hope its 100%) before the 90days period expire.

Taking a CCIE LAB Exam need a lot of planning/preparation, 90days is not that long.

This will avoid those type of people who woke up in the wrong side of the bed one day and decided to register for the exam and later cancel it. I'm not sure if anyone ever tried to sell their slot :)

IMO, Cisco should open more LAB Exam sites to more cities/countries and that would be the day I will attempt the CCIE LAB - not crazy yet to travel overseas and all that hussle :)

cisco24x7 Tue, 09/02/2008 - 08:10

Here is my advice to CCIEs wannabe:

1- study as hard as you can. You do NOT need

to sign up for the lab date in advance. That

will do nothing but to put un-necessary pressure

on you.

2- When you think you're ready, log into the

site every couple of hours and you will find

an open slots within the next 3 days. Plan

your travel accordingly. You may have to pay

extra for air-fares but it will be worth it.

I used the planning/preparation on my previous

attempts and failed miserably. On my last

attempt, I just kept preparing hard. When

I was ready, I login into CCO website on

Sunday and saw an open slot for Wednesday.

I signed up for it, flew to San Jose to take

the lab and I passed the lab.

The lab is hard enough, so do not put extra

un-necessary pressure on yourself.

that's my 2c.

jcrussell Tue, 09/02/2008 - 11:52


I am going to have to somewhat disagree with your outline. I would say that each person should determine on their own what their plan would be. Some people might work fine with your method of choosing a lab date a week in advance. Others might prefer the path I took, or a completely different path altogether.

For me, I started studying for the R/S lab in February of 2007. In March, I went out and picked a date (July 6, 2007). I wrote that date on a post-it note and stuck it on my monitor. I looked at that every day during my studies. About 5-10 days before my payment was due, I took the CCIE assessor lab. I used that score, combined with my honest opinion of my skills, to determine that I was indeed ready to take the lab. I took it and passed on my first try.

The point of my post is to show that for some people, picking a date can be helpful. And like you mention, travel is cheaper too! Besides, you can always cancel the date if you are not ready. Now, Cisco is just forcing us to determine if we are ready well in advance. This will affect me when I begin studying for my next CCIE, so I will have to give it some thought for sure.


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