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Sep 2nd, 2008
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This is Vikram from Servion,

We have configured the EIM application at out CU site and need some help in configuring some business logic in that like,

1 If the mail is not responded within 15 min the how it will forwarded to one level above.

2 escallation matrix with a skill group.



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If the email is not ROUTED withing 15 minutes you can return the special label that sends it to a non-IPTA skill group. A special agent who is not in any IPTA skill groups needs to be created to pick up these calls.

If the email is routed, then EIM can be configured with timers dealing with response times. Alerts etc. I don't know about requeuing it (taking it away from the agent who has it) - that doesn't sound like a good plan.

Escalation. You could queue to one skill group for a certain WAIT TIME and then additionally queue to another skill group for a further wait time and then return the non-IPTA label so that EIM does something with it.



Vikram Kachale Tue, 09/16/2008 - 07:56
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HI Geoff,

Thx very much for reply.

If you can please explain this in more detail spacially the folloing points in your last reply,

Label creation

non-ipta agent

waittime in ICm script( flow of script if u can)



When the script runs, and you have a queue to skill group node, you are going to connect the SUCCESS port to a wait node. The amount of time you wait for controls how long you hold the call, looking for an agent.

The skill groups in the queue node MUST be IPTA (ICM Picks The Agent) skill groups. When you create an ICM skill group on an agent PG (CUCM), this is the default; so you may not have ever noticed the check box.

Please note that you will need to configure the Call Router through the registry if the wait node is longer than 1 hour. The Router will terminate the queue after 3600 seconds unless you increase it. This takes immediately and requires no restart of the Call Router.

Now what happens after the wait time expires if ICM hasn't chosen an agent? It will return a failure and CIM will stick that email in the Exception queue - a default queue in CIM. This is OK, but the Exception queue will fill up with a lot of other emails - so there is another way.

In ICM, create a non-IPTA skill group. Create 1 or more agents that have this skill - they must NOT also have an IPTA skill. From the ICM script, return a label of the form "LBL_".

On CIM, login an agent who is in this skill group. They will now be able to see and handle these emails.



Vikram Kachale Wed, 09/17/2008 - 05:22
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Dear Geoff,

I have modified the script which is attached with this update but I am facing followin problems with that,

1 I can see the email into skill group pallate but in agent desktop I dont recieve email which is showing in skill group pallate after wait pallate.

From attached script queue to skillgroup pallate before wait has agents if no agents are avaliable in thoes two skill groups then it will wait for few seconds configured in wait pallate and the it will be forwarded to queue to skill group pallate after wait pallate.If no agents are present in both queue to skill group it will use lable and will hit the script again.

I dont know I am on right path or not.


Vikram Kachale Wed, 09/17/2008 - 05:26
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one more problem I am facing is if no agents are logged in both queue to skill group pallate I dont recieve auto acknowldgement which is configured in EIM workflow.


Show me the script. The auto-ack is independent of ICM routing if you have it in the correct place. Show me a picture of your EIM workflow.

In the MR PG, use regedit to set the trace - forget the trace mask but set EMSUserData to "df". You will see EXCELLENT trace on new task and task offered. This setting should be in the Cisco doc, but I don't think it is.




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