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Sep 2nd, 2008
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I just went to an existing client that I am taking over so I don't have a lot of details, but they are complaining that these three do not play at all together. They have made the IPS promiscious since it was causing high CPU when and are complaining that WAAS is not giving more than 25% savings. I suspect its a config issue and have not looked too much at there config. It appears of quick glance that there is not seperate vlan for the WAAS traffic and there is no config entry to block the redirect traffic. Has anyone done this with NAC and WAAS? I suspect its not working because traffic is getting redirected back and the WAAS is overloaded. Thoughts?

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I would go ahead and put the WAAS in a seperate VLAN. Go ahead and check the wccp return method and make sure that they don't have negotiated return on or something like that. They may be getting around the seperate vlan issue if they have waas configured to return traffic to the redirecting router encapsulated in GRE header.

Can you post a show tfo connection summary and show statistics tfo to this post. You will see the overload condition in the show stat tfo command if its occuring. How large of a unit are they using? Are they using a NM or an appliance for WAAS? Any VPN on that device?

What type of traffic are they trying to accelerate? If its CIFS related traffic they may need to setup some more configurations under file services before they get CIFS AO going on. Normally WAAS will give me 80%+ accel on ftp transfers. I use that as a baseline test along with www.speedtest.net :)


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