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We have a requirement where by two separate flows (but both contain SAME unique cookie information) need to be stuck to same real server. The workings are as follows:

1. User connects to one of the real servers TEST1 ( or TEST2 ( via VIP A unique cookie is used eg 'JSESSION ID = 12345678'

2. The real server then may need to make a new connection from itself (eg TEST1) to same VIP for another service (I don't know why this request has to go via VIP instead of just making the request to itself, but I'm told it must). However, the same cookie is used which was in first flow (eg from client to server TEST1 ie 'JSESSION ID = 12345678').

The problem is that the second flow (from server TEST1 to VIP MUST be stuck to same server ie TEST1).

As far as I'm aware the CSS does NOT store client cookie information and therefore it cannot associate the two flows and link them to same real server.

I'm aware of arrowpoint cookie, but I don't think this will help in this scenario.

So 2 questions:

1. Can CSS store client cookie information in order to associate the two separate flows that have same cookie information?

2. If they cannot, is there any other method we could use to stick the second request to same server as first request?

Thanks in anticipation.



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Gilles Dufour Mon, 09/08/2008 - 00:54
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I still believe arropwoint-cookie could work in this scenario. If the server just reuses the client cookies, it should resend the arrowpoint-cookie and you are then ok.

If not, then your only chance is if the jsessionid contains a fixed word/string that would be different for each real.

In this case, the CSS can identify the string and match it to the appropriate server.

Otherwise, I don't see a solution. The CSS can't learn dynamic cookie sent by the servers.



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