Gatekeeper/Gateway co-resident problem

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Sep 3rd, 2008
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This scenario took me quite a while and still no luck.

One co-resident CME-A gateway/ H.323 gatekeeper in same cisco rtr, and one other CME-B gateway.

ephones under CME-A cannot connect to CME-B via gatekeeper, CME-B ephone cannot talk to A vise versa,

Each time, after dial digits, got busy signal.


Both CME-A and CME-B registered to Gatekeeper. All of zone prefixs are also up.

If without Gatekeeper, using IPIP gateway config, both CME-A and CME-B ephones can communicate.

Routing between CME-A ephone and CME-B ephone been verified.

The issue only happen when calls been routed through gatekeeper.

I am afraid it is due to co-resident CME-GW/GK issue.

IOS: c2600-ipvoice_ivs-mz.124-9.T7.bin

Any thought?

The config can be provided if needed.

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Marwan ALshawi Wed, 09/03/2008 - 07:21
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the problem is u cant get CME to work as gateway and gatekeeper at the same time

the gateway-A need to rigister with the GK and have a dial-peer with distination as RAS the same on B

also it need a source interface as gateway side to work with gatekeer

Gatekeepers are H.323 devices that use the RAS protocol to communicate with Cisco voice gateways. RAS is a subset of the H.225 signaling protocol

also u need this stage to happen

Unicast discovery This method requires that the IP address of the gatekeeper is configured in the gateway. The gateway immediately sends a GRQ using User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port 1718. The gatekeeper either responds with a GCF or a GRJ

with ur config will not happns !!

the only way to get it work add additional device to work as GK and make those two CMEs register with it

if helpful Rate

router.mou Wed, 09/03/2008 - 07:34
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or maybe you can do in this way?




jamesfang98 Wed, 09/03/2008 - 09:51
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unfortunately, this is not durable since we want to only maintain one gk.

jamesfang98 Wed, 09/03/2008 - 07:36
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From google, it appears Cisco developer forum supports this co-resident gw/gk idea.


From troubleshooting, it appears both GW been supported by GK. GK can also identify the zone/prefix for the call and passing the calls, but only fail in last step of gateway debug.



CME-B x8041 call CME-A/GK x8100, call got busy signal,

here is debug output from CME-A/GK rtr:



Sep 3 15:06:00.088: //xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/GK/gk_process: got a TIMER event

Sep 3 15:06:00.088: //xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/GK/gk_handle_timers

Sep 3 15:06:00.088: //xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/GK/gk_handle_timers: managed timer expired 0x83D051F0

Sep 3 15:06:04.619: //xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/GK/gk_rassrv_arq: arqp=0x84EBB6B0,crv=0xA, answerCall=0

Sep 3 15:06:04.623: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/gk_dns_query: No Name servers

Sep 3 15:06:04.623: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/rassrv_get_addrinfo: (1#8100) Matched tech-prefix 1#

Sep 3 15:06:04.623: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/rassrv_get_addrinfo: (1#8100) Matched zone prefix 81 and remainder 00

Sep 3 15:06:04.623: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: about to check the source side, src_zonep=0x84EBB400

Sep 3 15:06:04.623: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: matched zone is Local_GK_CME, and z_invianamelen=0

Sep 3 15:06:04.623: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: about to check the destination side, dst_zonep=0x84EBB19C

Sep 3 15:06:04.623: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: matched zone is Local_GK, and z_outvianamelen=0

Sep 3 15:06:04.627: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/gk_zone_get_proxy_usage: local zone= Local_GK, remote zone= Local_GK_CME, call direction= 0, eptype= 67586 be_entry= 0

Sep 3 15:06:04.627: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/gk_zone_get_proxy_usage: returns proxied = 0

Sep 3 15:06:04.627: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/gk_gw_select_px: Source and destination endpoints in different local zones

Sep 3 15:06:04.627: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/gk_zone_get_proxy_usage: local zone= Local_GK_CME, remote zone= Local_GK, call direction= 1, eptype= 67586 be_entry= 0

Sep 3 15:06:04.627: //A7BEE3C58038/A7BF8085803A/GK/gk_zone_get_proxy_usage: returns proxied = 0 <--- Got busy tone in x8041

Marwan ALshawi Wed, 09/03/2008 - 18:40
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can u post the GW config that contain GW/GK

Chad Stachowicz Wed, 09/03/2008 - 19:23
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I would imagine you can do CME/GK co-res.. I can tell you that I do IP2IP GW/GK just fine... however it definatly has lots of quirks because you must use via zones on your GK! Please paste the config...


jamesfang98 Wed, 09/17/2008 - 09:48
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thanks all for input> Finanlly, I kick off co-resident gw/gk and use dedicate gk.


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